This week’s edition of “Wacky RVs”!


Here are a few more unusual RVs we’ve come across lately. None of these, we are 100% sure, rolled off an assembly line. Please leave a comment if you have information about any of them.

No word on this history of this RV. Do you know anything?

If you’re into chickens, then perhaps this is your dream RV. Do we see a for sale sign in the window. Maybe it’s your (c)lucky day (if you can find where to buy it).

Was this a helicopter in a previous life?

Not much space, but the mileage is terrific!

See last week’s Wacky RVs.

Send your wacky RV photos here.


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1 year ago

I love that cab over truck

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago

The helicopter is too cool!!

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

I like the top one of the British Lorry and the Casita. Raising the roof on the Casita was an improvement.

1 year ago

Maybe the chicken RV once belongs to “the colonel”