Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Waiting for RV repairs (a long time)

Ed Dewland posted this photo on the Facebook group RV Horror Stories

He wrote:
“Do you know how many people complain about Camping World having their unit for months and they get it back and things were missed or not even touched? Here’s a picture Camping World customers posted that says it all. Not all RV dealers do this to customers. The smaller dealers pay more attention to you in most cases.”



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9 months ago

CW Fountain colorado has had ours 1 year….I finally filed a complaint and nothing is going to change.
Its still under warranty and they have to get the parts from forest river….and they blame forest river….they started a new work order and didn’t even complete the first one. It’s a shame what is going on in the camper world right now

Bill Walker
4 years ago

Never again will I take my unit to CW. Kept unit 3 months, replacing what they claimed to be a defective part not once but three times (I think there is a saying about this being a sign of insanity). Finally, took it home and a local RV tech came to my unit and within 5 minutes determined that it was a defective inverter which he replaced at a very reasonable fee.

David bartram
4 years ago

2 mths old and the dometic fridge on our grand design trailer stopped working. Fixed twice and still not working longer than 1 day. Finally after 3 weeks the problem was found as a wire rubbing causing a short. The problem was solved by a coordinated effort by dometic, grand design, and our local Canadian dealer Owasco.
Although it took a lot of troubleshooting, the 3 parties involved work together to my great satisfaction. Grand Design has been extremely helpful with other issues as well.
Thanks to all
David from canada

4 years ago

Appears one skeleton, ur customer, has a musket ball hand gun in his or her lap. Hope the powder is still dry when the CW service manager shows up! LMAO?

Steven Sims
4 years ago

Our RV was involved in a minor scrape. We took it to McGeorge RV / Camping World in Ashland, VA, for repairs. They estimated 5 days to repair. It’s FOUR MONTHS today, and they estimate it will be ready in about four weeks.
They are criminal in their unprofessionalism!
PS: My insurance company already cut them the check, so they’ve been paid, but done zero work!

Don & Nancy Schneider
4 years ago

We were on the road and needed to have the engine checked out at a Chevrolet dealer who was a Workhorse Performance center in Memphis, TN. I made an appointment and talked with the service writer by phone about us living in our RV and not being able to leave it for them to work on.
When we got there the same service writer told us they could not work on it until next week. When I reminded him that we have a APPOINTMENT for service…he said that was an appointment to DROP IT OFF!!!! Never heard of such a thing and escalated it to the Service Manager…still could not get it serviced until the next day…at 7 AM….but they did find and fix the problem in under an hour. Beware of DROP OFF APPOINTMENTS.

4 years ago

Absolutely Hilarious! Love the Dog too!

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