Warning/Plea from a truck driver


This was posted on our Facebook page, RV Coronavirus News by trucker Cyril Martinez.

I’m trucking across I-40 with an ice cream load for Henderson, NV. I’m parked for the night at Moriarty, NM. My full day consisted of 670 miles of driving and two fuel stops at El Rino, OK, and Tucumcari, NM.

I implore everyone to please stay home!

The Loves truck stops that I fueled today were packed with non-trucking people buying up all the packaged food, milk and coffee! Not one item was spared!

Why is the interstate packed with family travelers?! Stay home!

The worse thing is not the lack of the mentioned items. The worst thing is flooding these truck-stops with germs and creating a volatile environment where the truckers cannot perform their duties to deliver the goods we need (Medical supplies, food, water, and even fuel!).

GO HOME AND STAY HOME! This plague is spreading like wildfire and we don’t need to cripple the supply chain!

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