Friday, March 31, 2023


How I waste my time. Not by choice, mind you

By Chuck Woodbury
ROADSIDE JOURNAL is one of the largest websites in America, most often among the 4,000 most visited sites in America. Because of this, PR people hit us up every day to plug their products and services. For every ten “pitches” we get, maybe one is of interest.

Here is one of the nine that didn’t make the cut. It arrived this morning.

OMG! Does whoever sent this really think that an audience of American RVers gives a rat’s behind about traveling to Turkey to get a hair transplant? Do they believe I’ll write back and say, “Sure, tell Dr. Aygin that we’d love to interview him about traveling with our RVs to Turkey so he can plant a brown carpet on our noggins?” Of course, I’d have to inquire about which highways to take to get there. Let’s see, I think we head north at Syria. Right?

I get so frustrated at having to take time to delete messages like this from my inbox — grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr — that I want to pull out the hair on my own head! And, yes, I block the senders, but no matter how many of these ridiculous messages I block, another ten arrive.

The Internet: 1. Ya gotta love it. 2. Ya gotta think it’s a bunch of crap that sucks up time you could be doing something productive — like eating or sleeping or playing fetch with your dog.


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Mike Sherman
1 year ago

Chuck, I submit it is not a waste of your time. You are protecting your readers by screening and fine tuning your newsletters. It is a valuable service, and it is appreciated.

Retired Firefighter Tom
1 year ago

Maybe its like the three emails I got the same day from three different addresses telling me that $3.5 million dollars (U.S.) has been released from a long-ago account. All I have to do is call him/her at a 202 area code number in Atlanta, GA. 202 area code in Georgia??? Wow. Must be a cell phone. Delete. Delete. Delete. 🙂

Richard Carlson
1 year ago

Ask him to travel to Edmonds, and spend a week doing free “demonstration” transplants. Tell him you’ll broadcast it live on Facebook.

1 year ago

What is the problem? I get flyers in the mail from businesses, many cards on my windshield and yes, a few emails doing advertising. It is just that, advertising. The mans website looks like he does a fine business in hair transplanting and knowing how vain some people are, they would be willing to drop a lot of money for a full head of hair… and get a trip to Turkey.
Think of how many people would not wince and drop $3k+ for a pet… an animal… and then spend double that if it gets sick!

1 year ago
Reply to  WEB

HA! Now I read on the Dr’s website Individuals aged between 20 and 60 years can undergo a hair transplant surgery. So that is why Chuck is frustrated, he (or even 80% of the readers) would not qualify!

Bill semion
1 year ago

Hey, I got the same email. My answer: My brother is a dermatologist who also does transplants. Why would I need a “hair surgeon?” Sound like a new, “I think I’ll make up a profession” term from a PR person.

Susan Banks
1 year ago

Agree, I am small business owner with website, at moment I do my own social media, but I am constantly fending off solicits for Seo, ranking, products and more every single day. It does waste my time, it questions my trust in the businesses and now somehow they have gotten into my text messages, something that has always been held for family only communication. I think they throw everything at a wall and hope something sticks.

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