Sunday, March 26, 2023


Weirdest RV Moment: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolves?

Reader Randy B. sent along his Weirdest RV Moment:
A few years ago my wife and I were camping in a remote but established campground east of the Cascade mountains during hunting season. There were only a few campers and most of them were hunters.

I walked a hundred yards to the nearest neighbor to ask about hiking and what they were hunting. They told me that a wolf pack had been spotted nearby. A couple of hours later the Sheriff stopped by and informed us of the wolves.

That night under the moon and drifting clouds we had a fire going and a few cocktails in us and I am searching for the wolves with my flashlight shining across the shallow river. Suddenly, the most exhilarating and panic-ridden moment of our lives was 50 yards away.

Six or seven glowing sets of eyes were staring at us from the tree line moving back and forth. My wife asked how quickly they could get to us and I said immediately, so off to the trailer she went pleading with me to follow. I could not leave the most exciting moment ever, and besides, I had my liquid courage! After several intense minutes of this, finally, the clouds released the moonlight revealing a group of deer. Relieved, but also disappointed, we had a good laugh.

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5 months ago

I loved it. Reminds of one camping trip years ago with my mother. Middle of the night, in a tent, my mother hears a noise and says I think we have bears. I told her there are no bears in these parts. Maybe racoons. Well I went back to sleep with my mother wondering what was really out there and I told her if the bears were hungry they would not give you a second thought. They would take me on. It was racoons that ate something she left on the table the nite prior. Now that she has gone on to her great reward I still think back to that nite when safe in my trailer I can giggle and say no tent for me just a door and its locked when I hear a noise outside my door.

Deena Jones
5 months ago

I don’t care who you are, that was funny! Thanks for starting my morning off right.

5 months ago

Now that is a funny story! Good one Randy!

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