What is it? What’s it made from?


We found this on the wall of a Quartzsite laundry. What is it? A star? A snowflake?

We don’t know the answer. But here’s the big question: What’s it made from? Its location should give you a good hint!

If you can’t figure out the answer, it’s below on this page in small type.



It’s made of coat hangers. Clever, isn’t it?

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Connie VH

I LOVE IT!! I’m preparing for our final garage sales…and we have A TON of these plastic tube hangers, but I’d rather use a flatter type of hanger for our RV life. So before I bundle all those tube hangers, I’m gonna try my hand at (re)creating one (or more) of these! And kudos to the clever laundromat artist who thought it up!