Tuesday, September 28, 2021


What is it? “World’s longest truck camper” or Class C motorhome?

We stumbled upon this photo. There was no explanation of what it is, where it is, or anything else. So we’ll ask you a couple of questions:

• Do you know anything about this RV? If so, please tell us by leaving a comment below.

• How would you classify it? We’re thinking “World’s Longest Truck Camper” because it’s hard for us to imagine one any longer. But maybe it doesn’t get the “world’s longest” title. Still, you must admit it’s pretty darn long for a truck camper.

Or is this just an odd-looking Class C motorhome? Your expert opinion is requested.

And what do you suppose is the story on those funny windows near the back?



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8 months ago

Obviously a “super C”

8 months ago

Definitely appears “ghetto” as the kids today say.

Eric Yeo
8 months ago

I call it ugly and trashy looking!

8 months ago

World’s longest ‘chassis mount’ recreational vehicle.

Dick Hime
8 months ago

Hybrid truck AND trailer chassis with custom built living quarters. In Missouri, it would be titled as a truck using the truck’s VIN and likely licensed as “18,000-pound beyond local”.

Abe Loughin
8 months ago

The windows are either portals for a nautical themed interior or gun ports for the zombie apocalypse.

8 months ago

No jacks to remove it, no tie downs, therefore Class C.

8 months ago

Looks like something from the Red Green Show. One of a kind homemade out of a few different subassemblies.

Tony Sauer
8 months ago
Reply to  Shandy

Good catch. As Red Green would say, the guy is probably not very handsome…

Ken Andrews
8 months ago

It stricks me as another photoshop photo.

8 months ago

Would be fun at corners lol. And a tire dealers dream.

Martha Tassi
8 months ago

It does look … interesting. As for the category it’s definitely in a class of it’s own. If we need to pin it down my vote goes to a customized Super C.

8 months ago

Cousin Eddie’s dream truck camper.

8 months ago

Photoshop at your service.

Randall Johnstun
8 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Not photo shop. I’ve seen it, don’t know anything about it , yes it is big.

8 months ago

Either way, it’s ugly.

Tommy Molnar
8 months ago

Or, it’s the world’s best use of professional Photoshopping. Just sayin’.

Patti Panuccio
8 months ago

A class A, weight , axles.

STEPHEN P Malochleb
8 months ago

I’d says it’s someone who had some money and an imagination. looks really cool and useful.
Even looks well constructed.

Bud Betz
8 months ago

Looks like it may have started out as a truck camper indicated by the S&S style of front corner windows on the cab-over of the camper, and probably grew from there as a project. The front of the vehicle is clearly the frontend of a Chevy pickup early to mid 70’s. I am guessing it is the project of a shade tree mechanic with a passion for making stuff for his/her own passions. It’s certainly unique!

Last edited 8 months ago by Bud Betz
8 months ago

If the camper is conveniently removable so it can stand alone on its jacks then it is surely a Truck Camper but since there are no visible jacks in the photo that I can see it is most definitely a Class C motorhome.

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