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What we learned about you last week (April 21-27)


WindBy Emily Woodbury
Wheeeeeeeeew (pretend that’s both wind and whew at the same time)! In last Saturday’s newsletter, we wondered if you’ve ever had to pull your RV over due to dangerously high winds. At last count, 1,353 of you voted, and thankfully, 707 of you (52 percent) have never had to pull over. However, 517 of you have had to pull over at least once before, and an entire 129 of you have felt you needed to pull over more than a few times – yikes! If you’re worried about winds where you’re headed, check out this handy website.

Most of you prefer the paper map over an app! This surprised us! Google Maps doesn’t cut it, huh? On Monday we asked you if you use folding maps to plan your trips, and 33 percent of you say you do! However, 27 percent of you say you don’t use folding maps, and 41 percent say sometimes, or infrequently. 

WorkoutCan the 3 percent of you who have an outstanding exercise routine PLEASE share your secrets (and motivation)? Unfortunately, with all the work we do on your favorite website (that’s RVTravel.com … obviously) we find ourselves in the “poor” category of exercise. Tuesday’s poll asked how you would describe your exercise routine. Most of you are like us: 43 percent of you say you have a pretty poor routine, and a whopping 20 percent of you – that’s 328 of you – say you don’t exercise at all. One third of you say your routine is pretty good (good for you!).

Snakes? No thank you! It looks like you agree. How do you feel about handling a non-poisonous snake? We asked on Wednesday. Just about half of you said you don’t like them and noooooo, you would not hold them. A quarter of you say you don’t like them, but you’d handle them if you had to. Sixteen percent, that’s 247 of you, say you LIKE them (… did you hit your head?) and you’d have no problem holding them. Alas, 186 of you say they “scare you to death!” and to keep them far away. 

Despite being negative about snakes (most of you disliking them), according to our Thursday poll, 82 percent of you see the glass half full. Does this mean we should say something like, “We don’t like snakes, but we appreciate that they’re part of the food chain,” instead of “GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!”? That’s what the 18 percent of you who see the glass half empty might say.  Golly, we’re proud to be part of such a positive community!

Well, that’s what we learned this past week. Thanks to all of you who contributed a total of 7,330 votes! Please vote whenever you see a poll – we appreciate it! 

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Pat G
4 years ago

I also never get the surveys.

4 years ago

Love the newsletters, fun and educational. I can’t seem to find the survey page easily. I’d like to suggest putting a button on the pages, in an easy to find spot, linking to the survey page.


Bob Godfrey
4 years ago

We’ve been exercising seriously for many years and continue to do so to ward off many of the aches and pains of aging (hopefully). If we are near a city which has a gym we belong to we go 3 days a week and then walk, ride bikes or kayak 3 more days of the week. If we are out in the national parks and such we hike every day etc. Of course, eating right really helps a bunch too so we try to limit the amount of stuff that would make us round. Unfortunately, we have too many friends that we have watched deteriorate through being overweight etc. and we are trying to avoid that fate. Exercise is a choice you have to make like quitting smoking etc. Life is all about choices and only you can make the correct one. Of course, you’ll feel much better each day that you exercise and once the habit is developed it’s easier to maintain the routine.

Julie Cherry
4 years ago

Yes, get out and exercise, walk, whatever you can do. Yoga is a wonderful way to stretch, increase your flexibility, breathe to oxygenate your blood, and calm your mind.. There are easy stretching techniques to do while standing at the gas pump.
Yoga and chair yoga; as well as the Yoga for Veterans Program is becoming more popular. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a try. Keep your eyes opens for http://www.pop-upyogarv.com while you are traveling. It’s free and what do you have to lose?

4 years ago

On maps – I use an atlas. I mark the roads we have taken over the years to try not to repeat or let me know what to revisit. Also, many maps do not show all the passes – I mark those on the map for next time.

Jim Anderson
4 years ago

How about making the surveys easier to find?
Seems I usually miss about half of them.

4 years ago

Hi Emily,
Just a note to say thanks for compiling the stats for us,RVTravel is a better product with your energy,must be cool to have Chuck as a father,you can walk into any restaraunt in the county and say my dad is……and get the finest table in the place,the bill is waived…..hope we made you smile,good job,keep up the good work

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