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What we learned about you last week (February 2-8)

By Emily Woodbury

Whew! What a week it’s been! We got slammed (I say that lightly) with about eight inches of snow here in Seattle last Sunday night (most of it is still here), and we’re expecting another eight or so tonight. I don’t know if you’ve ever visited Seattle or spent time here, but we’re serious wimps when it comes to this type of white, fluffy stuff. Maybe it’s because we have so many really steep hills, and we don’t usually get much snow. But the whole city of Seattle only has something like 30 snowplows. And they don’t put salt down because it’s bad for the environment – which, yay, but also, it’s not great…

Wish us luck.

Last Saturday we wanted to know a little more about your RV. We asked, “How has your RV performed based on your expectations when you bought it?” Thankfully, for 59 percent of you, it’s about what you expected. More than a quarter of you, 27 percent, say your RV is performing way better than you expected, but 12 percent say it’s performing below your expectations; it’s a disappointment. Unfortunately, 2 percent of you (53 votes) say you wish you had never bought your RV; it’s been a disaster. If you’re looking to purchase an RV soon, you may want to read the many comments on this page to get some ideas of what to look for, and what to look out for.

If you’re reading this on Sunday, you’re probably not at church. Neither are the 46 percent of you who say you never go to church, according to Monday’s poll. A quarter of you, 27 percent, attend church once a week, and 18 percent of you say you go every so often throughout the year. A few of you, 7 percent, go to church more than once a week, and 3 percent go to church once a month.

Just like I’ve been seeing the RVs out here uncovered in driveways during the snow, 62 percent of you told us on Tuesday that you leave your RV outdoors, exposed to the elements, when stored. Quite a few of you, 38 percent, do store your RV under some type of cover. Dan commented, “My RV is “stored” in whatever campsite I’m occupying at the time since we’re full-timers. ?

We had a lot of feisty comments on Wednesday’s poll: “Did you obtain a loan to buy your RV? If so, how long were the terms?” Almost half of you, 49 percent, answered that you paid cash, 19 percent took out a loan for 10-15 years, and 14 percent took out a loan for 20 years. You can view the poll (and click to enlarge it) to the left to see the rest of the numbers.

Last, though never least, on Thursday we wanted to know how many pets you travel with. We got a lot of comments on this one saying that we should’ve had an option for zero, but frankly this was a poll for pet owners. Sometimes we ask poll questions that you won’t be able to answer and, as they say, ya can’t please everyone. Instead of looking at the negative, you could approach it as, “Wow, Barb (insert partner name here)! Look how many people travel with two pets!” We looooove that you love answering our polls so much, that you get disappointed when you can’t, but sometimes we want to know more specific things that you may not be able to answer., Instagram

Anyways, back to business. The majority of you, 61 percent, travel with one pet, 29 percent said you travel with two pets, and 6 percent of you take three pets along with you in your RV. A combined 4 percent take 4 or more pets with you – Wow! My favorite comment this week was left by Roy Bertolucci. He wrote, “We travel with six dogs all small, a cat and a fish. We are also full-timers. They all know when we are getting ready to travel, the dogs get into their travel beds and the cat goes behind the couch. The fish is pretty chill and just stays in his bowl.” Donna Malerba commented, “We travel with 4 cats & 17 birds! We have travel cages in the bunks of our 39’ Expedition. They all enjoy it!” (But Donna, how do you know that they all enjoy it? I’m teasing, of course.) And Dave Matthews (…..the band?) travels with six Siamese cats.

Well, that’s a wrap, folks. We’ll see you back here in a week. And remember, what Thumper the rabbit says in Bambi… click here. Stay positive, my friends.


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3 years ago

A great poll question. Does the increased use of TVs and radios and the high volume settings distract from your camping/RVing experience. Just asking, as I find more and more people insisting on cranking up the sound as if their neighbor wants to hear everything. Creature comforts appear to be the way of the future for both full-time and occasional RVs but the ‘reason’ for RVing: getting away from home, exploring the world, etc has become one of ‘taking home with you’. Part of this is common courtesy but that appears to be lacking more and more – generators run until 10pm for the TV, etc. The biggest problem – the exterior TVs that seem to be going all the time, pity the poor RVs next to the RV watching football all day. Ahhh, so much for the getting back to nature and enjoying some ‘down time’. For so many today it’s – I brought my home with me and I’m going to share it with everyone. Many people do use their electronics responsibly. They hear and no one else is disturbed. BUT this is becoming another huge problem ‘degrading’ the RV experience.
Another good poll question – quiet hours start and stop? Strangely we now need two sets of hours posted. That for people, and that for generator use. 6am is too early to be starting a generator, etc and 10pm is too late. Too many parks, including state and federal have hours that appear to be inflexible, unrealistic and troublesome. Some people sleep in and some go to bed early. I like the 7-8am to 10pm for people (this does not refer to people leaving early) and 8am-8pm for generators. Would be nice to know what others consider good time frames.

3 years ago
Reply to  JBC

Started CAMPING with my folks – 12′ TT – mid 1950s. Been tent / van camping ever since. There is no more camping, I guess. It is even hard to find a CAMPGROUND any more. JBC, my answer is NO TVs, NO generators. I want to CAMP.

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