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What we learned about you last week (July 7-12)

By Emily Woodbury

ZZZZZT. ZZZZZZZT. OK, we shouldn’t joke (at all), but for the 58 percent of you who say you never unplug your RV during a lightning storm, that could be you getting zapped! On Saturday, our electricity expert Mike Sokol wondered how many of you were unplugging during a storm, and I think he probably got the answers he expected. He’s applauding for the 11 percent who say they do unhook, he’s slow-clapping for the 9 percent who say sometimes they unplug, and for the 79 percent of you who say you rarely unplug or never do, he’s sighing (am I right, Mike?). Make sure you watch his video explaining why you should always unplug here.  

Can I fit just a liiiiiittle more cheese in there? That’s the question I always ask myself when I open my refrigerator. Oops. Few of you seem to have that problem though: 70 percent of you think your RV fridge is just the right size, 2 percent say it’s too big (OK, but have you tried putting more cheese in there? That would solve many problems. Wink.), and 28 percent say you could do with a bigger fridge/more space. 

Really? Nobody grills over the campfire anymore? Un-grill-ievable! Come on people, buy yourself one of these and rewind to the old days! In Tuesday’s newsletter, we asked what you usually grill outside with. You told us you mostly use a gas grill (79 percent) while 13 percent still use charcoal. There were 11 percent who answered you don’t ever grill (whaaaaat?), and 3 percent say you use the campfire. We’re curious to know what the last 4 percent say you use since you answered “other.” Tell us in the comments!

Cheers to … water? The majority of you aren’t drinkers, huh? On Wednesday we asked what your preferred alcoholic beverage of choice was and 33 percent of you answered that you don’t drink at all. Well, that’s better than me; I make POUR decisions. Beer was the top pick, 29 percent of you saying it is your drink of choice, followed by 23 percent drinking wine, and 14 percent drinking liquor. 

Ah, I see: Those who don’t drink, don’t fish (I mean, makes sense to me … I’d need a few beers to sit somewhere all day). Hey, no offense, fish is one of my favorite foods, so I appreciate a good fisherman [fisherwoman]. On Thursday we asked if you bring along a fishing pole in your RV and nope, 51 percent of you do not. However, 35 percent say you usually or always bring a pole, and 14 percent of you say you seldom do. 

Well, speaking of polls (though not the fishing kind this time), that’s all for now! Thanks for participating! We got lots of votes this week, which we greatly appreciate. Your input makes a difference! See you back here next week and bring your beer, wine, liquor, water, Coke; whatever strikes your fancy. Cheers. 


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Denny wagaman
4 years ago

Propane tanks are heavy. We have a propane tank heater and BBQ and fire flame heat to sit around. All propane. Yes can connect MH propane to two of the above. Electric sounds better. So may do that for BBQ. We carry 1 large and 1 small tank. Not very smart!

4 years ago

In CO Springs there were no charcoal fires allowed so we didn’t grill. Now we are in Longmont, CO with record breaking heat so it’s too hot to grill! Left the gas gril at home. Lesson learns. Bring both.

Betsy Hubbell
4 years ago

Our “other” is an electric grill. No need to carry an extra propane tank for the grill. Not quite as good as charcoal or gas but more convenient.

Mike Scully
4 years ago

Less mess more compact—–electric grill, makes breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Griddle on one side, grill on the other.

Vickie Aversman
4 years ago

We have a grill that uses either electric or charcoal, but the cleanup is easier with electric. It’s made by Pampered Chef and the amperage required is about the same as an electric skillet. It’s a great size for our Travato.

4 years ago

Other = All of the above, depending on location.

Vanessa Simmons
4 years ago

So many places with EXTREME fire danger most of the year so no campfires. Some places even say NO to charcoal grills. I bought a gas campfire that has a cooking ring.

Daniel Pankiewicz
4 years ago

My other is with an electric grill ex George Forman

4 years ago

My vote for “other” was due to the fact that I use a wood pellet grill.

Mike Sherman
4 years ago

Grilling over an open campfire is superior to charcoal or gas grills but a gas grill sure is quick and convenient.

Marybeth Almand
4 years ago

We may use all of those things depending on our location/situation. If we have shore power, we make use of our cast iron on an induction cooktop. It’s a great way to sear a steak as it tops at 500 degrees or so. We’ve been known to rig a smoker from a campfire as well as a hibachi. We only use our indoor appliance to boil water for coffee if we’re boondocking and too lazy to go outside to do it. Have yet to try out our outdoor oven.

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