Thursday, December 8, 2022


Why is there a hole in the Farmers’ Almanac?


Have you ever noticed that there’s a hole in every copy of the Farmers’ Almanac? You can see it here in the top left corner of the book.

You may ask, “Why is the hole there?” Good question.

It’s not a defect, so don’t go returning the book. Every copy has one. It’s actually a part of history. Starting with the first edition of the Farmers’ Almanac in 1818, readers used to nail holes into the corners to hang it up in their homes, barns and outhouses (to provide both reading material and toilet paper). In 1919, the Almanac’s publishers began pre-drilling holes in the corners to make it even easier for readers to keep all of that invaluable information (and paper) handy.

So maybe keep a copy in your bathroom. Hang it up if you’re into tradition. If you run out of TP, you’ll have back up.



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Beth Patterson
2 years ago

Looking forward to the almanac! So excited to read one!

Carl Amos
4 years ago

You soaked it in water and hung it up to dry, that would soften it up to use as toilet paper.