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What we learned about you last week (June 2-8)


By Emily Woodbury statistical analyst
We held our breath when we looked at the results of last Saturday’s poll, “What’s the biggest bill you’ve ever received for a repair?” Whew. Not too bad. The majority of you answered $1,000 or less (which still isn’t fun) while a quarter of you said somewhere between $1,000 and $2,500. Another quarter of you (just about) said you’ve paid between $2,500 and $5,000 and (this is the part where we held our breath) seven percent of you say you spent over $10,000 on repairs. Eight readers said their bill was so high they got rid of the RV! 

Row row row your….dinghy? On Monday we asked how many of you tow a dinghy behind your RV. We learned that 687 of you (57 percent) always do, 172 (14 percent) do sometimes and 344 (29 percent) of you say nope, no dinghy in this RVing family. Maybe that last group will get one SCHOONER or later (hah).

Unlike the dinghy results, not many of you (83 percent) bring along an off-road vehicle on your trips. A few of you (five percent) say sometimes you do, and 12 percent say you always bring one along. I went ATVing once and still found dirt on my body six days later (kidding). I had a great time. 

On Tuesday we wondered if you’ve ever had a tick on your body and we were pleased to learn that 45 percent, 860 of you, have not. A quarter of you say you have had one, but only once or twice, and another quarter of you answered you get them once in awhile. For the seven percent who get them often here’s an excellent DEET-free repellant we recommend. If that doesn’t work here’s a good tick remover. You’re welcome. 

What type of RV do you own? Well, 54 percent RV travel readers have motorhomes. Lucky them, that means the co-pilot can take his or her potty breaks while rolling down the road (or microwave a hot dog for lunch — just kidding, not a safe idea). The other 45 percent own towable RVs, which means potty breaks must be better planned (and the bladder a little stronger). For the other one percent (or 14 of you) who don’t own an RV yet, c’mon! Join the club! 

Speaking of hot dogs…it’s the perfect day to grill soooooo…..on that note, I’ll be back next week!

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Alan Edelkind
4 years ago

How about an article, not on the cost of RV repairs, but on the ability to get an RV repaired AT ALL in the summer months. Average wait time to repair up here in NH is 6-8 weeks and even that is not usually accurate. Lack of techs, lack of facilities, lack of response from manuf. on parts, etc.

Ann Conklin
4 years ago
Reply to  Alan Edelkind

We live in Sacramento area. The earliest we could get an estimate to replace a black water tank is mid July.

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