Monday, November 28, 2022


What we learned about you last week (June 23-29)

By Emily Woodbury

Ready to learn more about your fellow readers? We are!

In last Saturday’s newsletter, we were curious to find out if the RV club you are part of is either growing in members, staying about the same or declining. While the percentages were pretty close, the majority of you (which was 39 percent) said the numbers are declining. Closely behind, 37 percent said the memberships are staying about the same, and 25 percent say the numbers are growing. Will you continue to stay a member of your current group(s)? Let us know in the comments below. 

SnowbirdOn Monday, we asked you snowbirds how far you usually travel from home to get to your sunny destinations. You go a pretty decent distance! We had 28 percent of you respond that you go less than 1,000 miles, but the majority of you (33 percent) said you travel between 1,000 and 1,500 miles. In addition, 32 percent say you travel between 1,500 and 2,500 miles. Only 8 percent, which was 81 votes, say you go more than 2,500 miles. Whew! 

We were pleased to learn that 71 percent of you have measured and know the height of your RVs.Height There are 29 percent of you who answered no, you don’t know the height of your RV. We suggest you take a tape measure, put it on the ground, and measure to the highest point of your RV (whether that’s an AC unit sticking up, satellite, storage, etc.). Watch this video from our editor, Chuck Woodbury, to learn about why measuring your RV is essential

Well, while we’re talking about things you should do, here’s another suggestion: Take an RV factory tour! In Wednesday’s Daily Tips newsletter, we asked how many of you had ever taken a factory tour. Most of you, that’s 66 percent, have never taken a tour, while 19 percent say they’ve been on one, and 15 percent say you’ve taken more than one. Next time you’re near a factory, we recommend stopping by. 

Like we’ve done with some previous polls, we held our breath before scrolling down to see the answer to this one: Has your RV ever had water damage that cost more than $1,000 to repair? Whew, we can breathe: 88 percent of you (which was nearly 1,500 votes) say nope, you haven’t. However, 12 percent (approximately 200 votes) say you have. Yikes! Care to tell us what happened in the comments? 

Thanks for answering, folks! See you back here next week. 

Thank you to those of you who sent in poll suggestions last week. You asked some excellent questions! If you have a question you’d like to ask our readers, email it to emily (at) to get your question in a newsletter.

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Roger & Patty Settles
4 years ago

Our new 2016 Grand Design Fifth Wheel had a major slideout seal leak while the slides were in. According to the dealer they were either defective or improperly installed. Bedroom had to be completely gutted to fix damage. Glad it was still under warranty.

4 years ago

Yep just found leak in our 2000 class c. Up by the front bunk window, getting repaired now☹️

Pastor Ken
4 years ago

Yes I will stay with the RV club at this time, but will watch close as to price and discounts and services when needed.

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