1. I saw an article on RV travel about the best RV parks in each state. In. Pennsylvania, it is in Hershey just down the road from my home.
    I know that in Colorado it was on route 34 near Estes Park CO. I having been in Estes Park a month ago, we want to go back and take our time. But I can’t remember the campground mentioned. I would also like to keep the entire article as a reference. Please help me find that article

  2. I like the idea about having an overnight location with few or no hookups. I have seen a couple of KOA locations that offers a no hookup site but don’t know the cost. Personally I would be OK with no hookups or electric only for a minimum cost. If I am going from point a to point b and it takes a few days an overnight alternative to Walmart would be perfect.
    Also a comment on what campgrounds charge (for length, number of people, or whatever) I have no problem with that. If I can afford to purchase a camper, truck to pull it with, and pay for fuel what is a couple of bucks per night worth to you. We are asking the campground for a site and if we don’t want to pay then we have the choice to go on down the road. Personally I think 40 to 50 bucks per night is very reasonable.

    • You must quite wealthy if you think 40 or 50 bucks a night is reasonable. I am 79 years old and have spent most of my savings traveling for 25 years and was blessed to do so. But now since the interest rates on savings have gone to nothing it is hard to pay those prices. Most people my age have used up their money by now even though I invested wisely and was frugal all my life. Besides most rv parks have things I no longer need, pools ,spa tennis courts etc. All I need is a place to stay over night or for several days to see the local sites, yes elec. water and sewer is nice, but I can go 12 days without either. If you full time and are a fixed income that is costly. Now I know your reply is going to be well (. if you cannot afford it stay home). I mean no offence but think about it. thanks

  3. Camped now at NASCAR SONOMA CA next to 18-foot travel trailer with 7,000 watt generator. Like being in a machine shop with noise and fumes. My B-class Winnebago ERA has 260 watts solar, so I almost never use 2,000 watt generator. Having camped at all West Coast Swing NASCAR racetracks now, I am done. Noise, fumes, dust, needles, excrement, etc. Better to stay at private 10/10/10 campground and Uber/Lyft to raceway. Better yet, stay behind Bass Pro Shops or Cracker Barrel. Still get no hookups, but clean, safe, dining, bathrooms, and shopping for free.

  4. As long as taxpayer continue to subsidies the rv lifestyle everything is fine. Roadways, bridges, water, sewer, land for rv parks in public lands; and especially your beloved Wal-Mart, about the biggest reciever of corporate welfare in the world. Yes, your life will be without consequences. Until some enlightened city says, lets tax those rv spaces the same as we tax real property, say 25 dollars a night for city services provided. and not that it’s bad, public taxes should be used for the public, not empire building in the middle east…

  5. I hope you can continue to expand on your idea of drive thru overnight rest stops. In 1985 as traveled down the Oregon coast and there where places like that. Electric water and dump $10.00 a night. Never saw anything like that again. I’d love to stop like that. We do stop at a place in Illinois that has that and also 2 fast food restaurants and a C store. Love it and no one coming to the door begging for gas so they can take their sick dying mother to church.

  6. Didn’t appreciate the clip on reconditioning dead batteries. After sitting through the lengthy repetitious, boring video only to figure out they were selling a book on how to do this I turned it off. I should have known what this was leading up to. Kind of disappointed an ad like this would be in your newsletter.

    • John — Sorry for your bad experience. That’s not one of our usual advertisers. Some of the ads you see are delivered by Google, which generally delivers them based on an RVer’s interests, and most of the ads are related to RVing. It is impossible for us to see all those ads ourselves. They “cycle through” and can even be directed to different audiences throughout the U.S. But for anyone else who sees that ad and your comment, that will be a good heads-up for them. Thanks! —Diane at RVtravel.com

  7. I used to stop by and give a cash donation now can’t find you. Where are I lived a block from old office. Bill Moore

  8. Chuck,
    I read your post about noisy generator and I agree with you. I have a 23 foot trailer with a normal Roof A/C. Needs about 18 amps to run. But about 25 to start. So, I could not buy a quiet 2000 Honda, but opted for a Champion Invertor 3100 watt that is almost as quiet as the Honda. The issue is, I have almost never used it to run the A/C. Only to charge the batteries when boondocking. Seems a waste, so I am going to put 400 watts of solar on the roof. My issue is Why don’t RV A/C units come with a soft start capacitor? Maybe have Mike Skoal address this.

    • I am indeed working on a solution, but I need an appropriately sized rooftop air conditioner for an experiment. Most of the aftermarket kits offer a “hard-start” capacitor which will make any reasonable sized generator trip. That’s the opposite of the soft-start capacitor you’re asking about. More to study…

    • I don’t have recall of generator noise in a campground. What I do recall is a camper with a Cummins diesel starting it at 6 AM and letting it idle while he packs everything up.

  9. No sympathy here for Thor,or any other RV manufacturer,as they care more about corporate profits and their shareholders than they do for the final product they shove at unwitting consumers.

  10. I tried to subscribe but got an error at the last step with multiple attempts with differing payment methods.

    • Paid $3.09 the other day at Costco. The price for reg gas around here ranges from the $3.09 to $3.39 in Tri-Cities, WA

  11. What gets to me is that these big rigs pay the same amount as we small rvs. 26fter compaired to 40fter, 2 bath, wash and dryer, endless hot water, 50 amp, etc

    • I have worked in RV parks. If you are monthly, there are differences in charges. If you are staying overnight, they usually charge the same price whether you are big or small. Parks get enough complaints when they charge for pets, pull-through costing more than back-in, etc. People complain you are ‘nickle and diming them’. You can never make all the people happy all the time. As the saying goes: if you don’t like the price go on down the road.

  12. Mike, I have donated to RV Travel for many years in amounts that I feel comfortable with. These amounts are in the price point or below your suggestion and the staff has always responded and thanked me for my assistance. Just sayin!

  13. Long time reader, first time responding. I just love reading your stuff Chuck. You write well and do it with passion.

  14. I hope that you keep going the way you are their is nobody out there that’s trying to help tell the truth truth about the rv lifestyle and the rv themselves people keep buying rv but no new or expanding rv parks I deliver new rv and see all what you say all the time keep up the good work

  15. You continue to ask for voluntary subscriptions but still haven’t set up reasonable subscription options. Most magazines run in the $12-16/year range but your subscription options run from $60 -$300/year!! *Please* set up some reasonable subscription options! I believe you may be surprised by the positive response you get.

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