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What we learned about you last week (June 9-15)

In last Saturday’s newsletter, we asked if you were alive today because of modern medicine. Want to guess how many people responded yes? Well, if you guessed 43 percent (which comes to 546 votes), you were correct! Wow! A quarter of you said that yeah, you probably were, and 32 percent of you have never had a serious illness (and let’s keep it that way!). Modern medicine does wonders, doesn’t it? Now, stand up and get a glass of water. Water does wonders for the body too. 


On Monday, 2,013 of you told us about what you usually use to take photos. A whopping 1,315 votes show you mostly take photos with your phone these days, but 549 of you say you still use a camera. There were 89 of you who answered that you don’t really take photos and 55 say you usually use your iPad or tablet. 
Fun Fact: The most viewed photograph in the world is the Window’s default wallpaper, named “Bliss.” The photograph was taken by Charles O’Rear, an American photographer, in 1996. Recognize it? 

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Tuesday, we asked if you would ever bend over to pick up a nickel. Most of you, or 85 percent, said you’ll always bend down to pick up a nickel, while 11 percent of you said maybe. There’s 23 of you out there who say they’d never bend down to pick one up. These results are surprisingly similar to another poll, where we asked if you’d bend down to pick up a penny. (See image for results.)

Wow! Most of you wanted your RVs brand-spankin’ new, huh? On Wednesday, 57 percent of you told us you bought your RV brand new, and 43 percent of you bought it used. Anyone out there convert a van or bus? Tell us in the comments if you did!

Well, we’re pleased to hear we’ve got some avid readers in the crowd. We are extremely impressed with the 40 people who answered our Thursday poll saying they read more than 10 books per month. Jeeeez! Close behind, 108, or seven percent, of you say you read five to ten books per month, and 16 percent say you read three or four. Our highest percent of you, 40 percent, say you read one or two books per month, while 35 percent of you don’t read at all. You know, I heard that reading while you sunbathe makes you well red. Wink. 

Thanks for taking our polls (which can be found in our Saturday newsletter, and in every issue of our RV Daily Tips newsletter). If you’re not subscribed to either of these, sign up here


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4 years ago

The past few months the polls do not open for me. Too bad as it was fun to participate.

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