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What we learned about you last week (March 31-April 6)


By Emily Woodbury
In last Saturday’s RV Travel newsletter, we asked whether you thought RVing would be more or less popular in 20 years. What did you think? 1,520 of you voted and it was almost a three-way tie: 37% of you thought it would be about the same as it is now, 32% thought it would be less popular, and 31% of you thought it would be more popular. Interesting! Only time will tell, right? However, if RVs keep flying off the lots like they are now, 32% of you may be wrong.

On Monday we asked you to reflect a little bit. We weren’t too surprised to learn that about half of you report you’re pleased with the number of personal possessions you own. 47% of you think you have too much (me too) and 3% of you think you don’t own enough. Mhmm. Fair. Interesting … Moving on.

We were surprised, and pleased, to learn that about 600 of you have at least one solar panel on your roof. Out of almost 2,000 votes (wow!), 46% of you said you probably wouldn’t ever be installing them, but 23% of you would like to someday. 

We learned that 76% of you have probably changed a diaper (recently) because you’re a grandparent! 24% of you have avoided those stinky behinds and drooly mouths because you’re not grandparents. 

And speaking of young faces … Tuesday’s RV Daily Tips poll showed us that half of you think you look younger than you really are! This is great news! What’s your secret? Daily avocados? Beeswax facials? (Is that a thing? We might have made that up but it sounds like something that would help aging skin, right?) And even more than that, 13% of you (that’s 206 people) think you look much younger than you actually are. OK, now really, what’s your secret? 29% of you think you look your age and only 4%, 61 of you, think you look older than you are.

Dr. Deanna, our pet vet columnist, asked about the type of food you feed your pet. From that, we learned that the majority of you feed your pet dry food (kibble) only. 32% of you feed a mixture of dry and wet dog food, and 21% of you give your dogs about half dry food and half human food. Lucky Fido! 

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Philip H. Wood
4 years ago

There are two ways to argue with a woman-neither works

Phil McCraken
4 years ago
Reply to  Philip H. Wood

Ya know Phil,

You’re right, even if you win, you loose. Although, as they become more non female like, the balance will equalize. Hope, they know when to stop given away their advantage, for both sexes sake

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