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Just a suggestion…. Maybe post California fuel prices separately from national to let folks know what we have is not reflected in the rest of the lower 47. Kinda gives people an idea of what to expect when planning a trip out west or rather how far west they really want to travel…..

Karin Stauder

On your recent article you speak of making sure the plug on the pedestal at the RV park is a 30amp, 120volt and not the 30amp dryer plug that is 125volts. I wanted to be sure I understand you correctly that at that the 30amp dryer plug is stamped 125volts and the 30amp RV plug has 120volts stamped on the plug, thus indicating it is used for RV’s. I bought your book “RV Electrical Safety” and have purchased the three testers you suggested. I wanted to make sure I should also be looking at the plug on the pedestal making sure it’s NOT 125volts.


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So Chuck an rant as much as he wants, but I can’t post a counter rant???


You might want to consider very carefully before going holier than thou on a fellow camper about too much lighting outside. I, for one, would consider it an unneighborly act. I need an abundance of light to be able to safely walk outside, and if someone has an issue with that, then it is their problem, not mine.

To read a dead tree book, I need at least a 150 watt light (or LED equivalent). My desktop, smart phone and tablet are all turned to their brightest settings, and never turned down. I probably have 2000+ lumens just about my desktop area, plus a 2500 lumen LED floodlight bounced off the ceiling. My wife claims she’s getting a sunburn, I’m always on the search for brighter bulbs for the lights I have, checking Amazon 3 or 4 times a year.

For me, there is no such thing as too much light. If you feel diffent, you can move, or convince the park to kick me out

Howard H

Hi I like to read your news it has lots of good info Do you know about towing doubles I am a little confused on the laws can I tow a camp trailer and a 8 ft trailer behind my camp trailer I hope you can help confused


Laundry in a TuckerTote: I’ve been doing my road-laundry this way for years anytime I can’t pack enough to get back home. I’m not wasting time/money on commercial laundry-mats, and have plenty of room in my tub for a BIG tucker (only half-full to slosh better, and reused as storage when not washing).

Cooking pasta: Rather than niche products, just use an electric pressure cooker. “Just” cover the dry pasta with water and its all absorbed. I flavor that water, and the pasta sucks that up too. This trick works great with rice too. Zero steam inside the RV, zero wasted water.

Shower bar: Actually, a second bar or square extension makes the curtain leak disastrously. Many RV designs don’t have compatible walls for a second bar anyway. A curved bar that returns to the original walls works great though, and mine adds about a foot to my shoulder-space without leaking. You may need a longer curtain if you go as extreme as I did.


When researching our next campground I always use google maps in satellite view. You can usually get a pretty good idea of how close your neighbors will be.

John Whitney

In regard to your continued referral to the results of your question on RV quality, and many of the comments from dissatisfied new rig owners; if you could redo the survey so owners could also indicate age I think satisfaction of older rigs would go up, and rigs built since 2010 or 2011 would go way down. Maybe 3 separate surveys and each addresses a mfg date range.

John Hiler

Thinking of some of the things that need to be resolved, About Electrical hookups; RV builders should include a red/green signal on the console where you see your tankage and whatever, a red/green signal for power hookup. It shows red if your power is wrong, low or high, or if you have a faulty ground. Green if everything is ok. A simple electronic report that reflects electrical problems.


Yes the good sams book that list campgrounds is a bargain at $6.95. BUT if you look closley the highlited ones are all Good Sams parks iI know for a fact that one park rated 10 10 10 which was a ten and brand new. A few years later failed to Renew in the guide for$2400.00 a year.
Next issue ,small print, no good sams ratings. I have stayed in other good sams 9 rated parks that i would rate a 3 at best. I complained about the park, upkeep, and ratings. They offered me a $25. Coupon for another parl however never changed the ratings.

Julie Cherry

I have tried to submit my email address to your daily newsletter and for some reason it’s not taking it. Any suggestions?

Ken Pratt

Do you ever delete comments?

Joe Dobry

Hope you are talking about Wichita Falls RV Park on Seymour Rd. This is the only decent, economical park that I have found. You COULD pay $50-60 at Jellystone east of town…
We are in the WF park as I type for 4 nights to visit old school buddies. Sorry we will miss you–also, we were at Lazy L&L CG in Sattler/Canyon Lake for a week, but forgot you were in the area.
Be safe.

Marylee Traver

Dear Chuck,

Please correct me if I am mistaken, but are you the author who wrote about the idea of opening up a “no frills” type of campground where you can stay over nite near the interstate….limited or no electrical, water, dumping station??? I think it is a wonderful idea, but I am unable to find the article on your site again……can you please direct me to the correct issue?

Have you moved forward with these ideas?

Marylee Traver

Joe Allen

Chuck, we are with you on the lack of understanding how to camp in an RV park. The TV that swings out on the side of the camper is a pet peave of mine! Not only does it detract from the peaceful surroundings, it can blare into the wee hours of the night. Also, the walking through others camping area, being impervious to their space. Dogs barking all day while their owners are away; spilling black or grey water waste on the ground and thinking nothing of it. Laying their sewer hose up on the picnic table to clean it before storing! Yes, in 6 years of full timing, we have seen it all! It’s time for dealers to indoctrinate their buyers before allowing them to proceed out into the RV world! My Rant of the Day!

Joe Allen

On the National Park system; wife and I both have America the Beautiful passes, now called Senior passes. It is correct in the fact that if you have a car load of people and 1 person has the pass, the rest get in free. I actually could never understand this. I can see this changing and in the very near future. Our National Parks are in some form of disrepair and with the throngs of people visiting each and every year, don’t see anything changing soon.
We do try and add to the economy while there in purchasing food, trinkets, etc.


I enjoyed your intro today,
I am convinced that you and perhaps your radio friend should develop a set of Campground ethics. These could then be forwarded to the campground owners to print and distribute, or we ourselves could print them and politely hand them to the offending RVer. We also just had a neighbor with enough lights to light a construction site.
My biggest complaint is barking Dogs. When a Dog barks, thats all I hear. I am amazed at how deaf the dog owners are to their own dogs barking. I did not pay for a park to come hear dogs 🙂

But that just some ranting that may feed a new level in Campground Edicate Your the man Chuck !!

Nels Bailey

Chuck, I think that it’s high time that you came to visit us in NEWFOUNDLAND-LABRAFOR,Canada. It is well worth the ferry crossing cost to visit this historic place. Just a few of the attractions that you may want to visit are: Gros Morne and Terra Nova National Parks; Lance-aux-Meadows, a Viking village,dating to about 1000AD: Cape Spear, the mostEasterly point of Land in North America: the Northeast coast which we call Iceberg Alley; the Dover Fault, where the continents actually split apart Mullins of years ago; whale watching all summer long; we are home to some of the largest black bears in North America; maybe you would be lucky enough to have a 100 pound moose walk through your campsite as you sip your after dinner wine at a pivlcnic table on your site. Really, Chuck, you have been to Nova Scotia but missed the trip of a lifetime to visit us.


Does anyone believe the campground number rating systems that the big boys print up in their thick books? Why would you give a 10 rating to a glorified parking lot. Did you ever notice whenever you look at an rv campgrounds web site they try not to show what a camp site looks like? I want to know what I’m aesthetically going to pay for. I laughed “with” Chuck’s editorial today. I have gotten pretty good at looking at websites and other sources to desern what the sites will look like. I love when websites tell you that you have a “view” of something of interest from your site or the campground. That’s a code word for “not really”. Since I’m a “planner” I ignore these “10” campgrounds. I am somewhat like Chuck that I come off as a very nice guy that loves being around you but I’m actually raging inside because you are a stupid idiot that has broken every camping rule of edicate. And yes I’ll never call you on it because you are a mental job that is probably packing heat. “No this isn’t a second amendment rant”.
I just want campground owners to tell the truth about their parking lot and that they give all campers a basic IQ test. Lol.

alan goss

I read that you are headed to Wichita Falls. We’ve been there a few times passing through. Our favorite eating place is Rib Crib – good BBQ. And if you haven’t tried Braum’s ice cream, you should stop by the one on Kemp Rd and give it a try.