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What we learned about you last week (May 19-25)

Well, it seems like most of you are reading this from inside your RV! In last Saturday’s newsletter, we asked how much time you thought you’d be spending in your RV in 2018. The majority, 30 percent, or 515 of you, said probably about six months or so. 472 of you said just one to two months, while 301 of you said you’ll be livin’ small full-time. We were surprised to learn that 16 percent of you said just one to two months! Tell us the place you’re most excited to visit in the comments! 

Well, pet owners, this one is for you. In response to our pet vet, Dr. Deanna’s article you told us that the majority of you give your dog or cat flea medication orally, while many of you give it topically too. However, 11 percent of you say you don’t give your pet any flea medication. Read the article here and learn more about these itchy “buggers!” 

It looks like cable TV can’t compete with services like Netflix or Hulu anymore. We asked how important it was that your RV park offer cable TV and 1,061 of you, or 59 percent, said it wasn’t important at all (we agree!). However, 41 percent of you said it was either somewhat important or very important. (We also understand that watching Bobby Flay flip a burger is important too. Wink.) 

Men, we’re happy to hear most of you support local businesses when needing your haircut! Most of you say you get it cut at a local barbershop, while 57 of you say you’re bald and don’t need it cut at all! A lucky 404 of you have partners who cut it for them. (Did you know Gail used to own a hair salon? Chuck is one of those lucky 404 people!) And 19 percent of you, or 324, go to a chain salon like Great Clips. 

We asked if you’re a tobacco user, or ever were, and almost half of you responded that at one point you did smoke, but you quit more than ten years ago. Good job! Most of you have never smoked, but 75 of you do. 

We were curious to find out how many of you would be buying a new RV in the near future, but turns out you probably won’t be! Nearly half, 49 percent of you, say the RV you own now will be your last, while 20 percent of you say you’ll buy again but not for a few years. Congratulations to the 31 people who will buy their first RV this year! Welcome! 

Thanks for voting in our polls! We appreciate it! We feature a poll each week in our Saturday newsletter, as well as one poll per day in our RV Daily Tips newsletters. Dr. Deanna, our pet vet, usually always has a poll in her weekly article too. Keep your eyes out! 


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Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Rory (@guest_25605)
5 years ago

IWe love RV’ing and our RV. In 2014 we decided that upon retiring we go pretty much FT. In 2015 we retired, sold a previous home that we kept as a rental (part of the retirement strategy. We bought our New Mountain Aire, trading in a 2010 class C and paid the balance from proceeds from the house we sold..We still have our current brick and sticks, which has become our “home base”. When I look @ the cost of maintaining two cars for commuting to work ( a total of 63,000 miles a year) for the two, utilities, food,entertainment, etc., Our expenses have been cut in half. Maybe we are one of the lucky ones. I know RV’ing can be expensive, but when I look at the alternative, I realize that we made the right choice…. This isn’t a decision you make without a plan, think it out before making any decision…

Denny Wagaman (@guest_25567)
5 years ago

RVing isn’t inexpensive to do. Plain and simple. The maintenance, repairs, fuel, a place to stay, the list can go on And on. It’s a way of life for many full timers or part timers. I wouldn’t advise it unless one can afford it first and foremost. I am not saying one can’t do it by being frugal but for some it’s loses the meaning of being fun.
Talked to one fellow RVer and he said that he and his wife sold their house lost their equity and wished they had of kept their old fifth wheel that was paid for with 5eir house that was paid for, there are always exceptions but I am guessing that there are others that fell the same way. And don’t want to admit it in public.

But to express this here or in others places is subject to ridicule. There should be (and maybe there is) a class or speaker that tells this side of the story.

I love RVing. It is my passion. Travel six months then home six months in the summer. Wow what a life.

Bob (@guest_25665)
5 years ago
Reply to  Denny Wagaman

I have rv’d for nearly 40 years now, but always with a used unit 2-5 years old when purchased. My father was an rv dealer and so I visited many manufacturing facilities. I saw many unhappy folks that bought new only to bring the unit back multiple times to get service for issues that should have been built properly to start with. Do your diligence, buy within your budget, have a lifetime of fun seeing and doing things you otherwise would have missed. Remember, you do the same thing in a pop-up rv that you do in a 40+ foot DP, only difference is how good you feel about yourself.

Ray Leissner (@guest_25427)
5 years ago

I’d like to know more about how cable cannot compete with Netflix or Hulu. I would agree with the findings regarding content, however its my perception that one must have a very fast wifi connection in order to stream Netflix or Hulu. Therein lies the crux. Most, if not all, RV parks lack that degree of wifi service. So how can this be true?

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