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What we learned about you last week (November 10-16)

By Emily Woodbury 

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Nǐ hǎo! Guten tag! Hallo! However you say it, welcome back to another week of what we learned about you last week. In our email alerts, we peg this little segment as “always fun and interesting!” Is it? We hope so. 

I’ll try to keep this week’s post shorter, since last week I kept you here for a good while. Read last week’s here, and see what I’m talking about. 

Photo by BLM, OR & WA

Last Saturday we wanted to know how far ahead you were in booking your 2019 summer RV vacations and stays. According to our poll, you’re not too far ahead, since 70 percent of you haven’t yet made a campsite reservation for next year. However, a small 30 percent of you say you have at least one, if not more, campsites booked for the new year. What did we learn from the comments? Campgrounds have gotten so busy, loud and popular you prefer to camp in the off-season, or just wing it. Ellen says, “We’ve started making long-term reservations (a month or so), then taking a few days within that month to visit other places, staying in motels. Works for us!” 

Monday taught us that the tires on your RV are relatively new. Great! The majority of you say your tires are less than two years old, 33 percent of you answered that yours are between two and four years old, and 18 percent say they’re somewhere between four and eight years old. For the 5 percent who answered they’re eight years old or older (you can’t even remember how old they are), it’s time to get some new wheels. 


We have sun on our minds! Similar to Monday’s question, on Tuesday we wanted to know if you have plans to head south this winter towards warmer weather. Surprisingly, 54 percent of you answered no, you do not have plans go to south (though the comments make it pretty clear that a lot of you who responded “no” did so because you already live in warm weather). A little more than a quarter of you, 27 percent, say you’ll go south for three months or more, and 19 percent said you’ll go, but for three months or less. Reader Sharon B. does things a little differently. She says, “I live in south Florida and am looking forward to cold weather and snow. I know most of you think I am nuts. I am tired of sweating. It’s off to the slopes I go. Weeeeeeeee…” Have fun on those slopes, Sharon!

Well, apparently we were still thinking of sun on Wednesday (ahem…Chuck, was this intentional? This is getting a little awkward…) and we wanted to make sure you were staying cool down there in those southern “winters.” We asked: How many air conditioners does your RV have? Just one, answered 52 percent of you. A hefty 40 percent of you say your RV has two AC units, 7 percent say yours has three (wow!), and 1 percent of you don’t have an AC at all. (That’s probably Sharon. Kidding!)


When walking around the campground for 10 minutes, do you lock your RV? That’s what we wanted to know on Thursday. Mmhmm, most of you, 45 percent, do. A quarter of you, 23 percent, say you lock your RV most of the time, 12 percent say you sometimes do, though rarely, and a trusting 20 percent of you say you don’t lock your RV at all. 

Lastly, we asked you to rate your Winnebago View motorhome. A large 66 percent of you say you think it’s excellent or above average, 15 percent of you View owners think it’s about average, and 18 percent think it’s below average or poor. 

ThanksgivingAll right, folks. Time to end this thing. Remember, next week we are launching our new website (it’s going to look so nice and new and pretty) so we are not publishing any of our Daily Tips newsletters, which sadly means there won’t be any polls to keep you busy during the week.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you’re traveling, please be safe. What are we thankful for? YOU! Thanks for your readership. We’ll send cheers to you with a turkey leg and some wine in this glass

See you back here in two weeks!


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