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Where will you spend Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving tableWill you celebrate Thanksgiving Day in a traditional home or in your RV? Or will you celebrate with other RVers in an RV park or campground?

Let us know. If you have an interesting story about your plans, please leave a comment.

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3 years ago

We just started our full-time journey and did not make long range reservations. When I started looking for a place to spend Thanksgiving I was dismayed to find that every campground on our route that could accommodate our rig was full. I rearranged our schedule a bit and found a place where we could stay all of Thanksgiving week. The campground is hosting a pot luck on Sat. and I’ll be cooking the traditional meal in our RV on Thanksgiving Day, so we’ll have the best of both worlds.

Scott Taylor
3 years ago

I’ll be on duty at the fire station, but DW and I do a full dinner for the rest of the crew, local PD, few former members, etc. Been doing this for past 5 years – new tradition – spending the holiday with the station “family”!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Taylor

Wow! That’s so generous of you and your DW. I’m sure your station “family” really appreciates your efforts on their behalf. Excellent food and unbeatable camaraderie — great way to spend Thanksgiving. Hopefully you can relax after the big meal and not have to go put out any fires caused by deep-fried turkeys. Thank you for all you and other first responders do all year-round. Happy Thanksgiving! 😀 —Diane on behalf of everyone at RVtravel.com

3 years ago

We are at our winter destination at NAF El Centro. We will go to the Galley on base along with a lot of the other RVer’s here to eat.

3 years ago

As a Canadian, celebrated Thanksgiving last month, Canadian Thanksgiving is second Monday in October, with my son and his friends, while visiting him in Saskatchewan. I only get to see him once, maybe twice, a year if I am lucky, so it was something I was very thankful for.

Jim collins
3 years ago

Staying home with Family

3 years ago

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family. We will be staying in our RV on family property. A place to escape to. Being retired we travel early to get off the roads and leave the holiday travel to the 8 to 5 group.

3 years ago

Here in Canada, our Thanks Giving is the second Monday in October. Usually we are with Family for this holiday in a bricks and mortar. Last year we went away and stayed at an RV resort where we enjoyed Thanks Giving with 130 of the park guests and staff in the Club house, everyone brought a side dish or dessert. The Staff cooked eight turkeys and gallons of gravy ! It was a wonderful time to mix with many Rv’ers from many interesting locals !

3 years ago

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving boondocking in the desert with friends. Done this for many years.

3 years ago

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner in our travel trailer for our daughter and son-in-law. We will be cozy for sure but thankful to be together.

We were camp hosting for the forest service the summer of 2016 at Seeley Lake, Montana when we had to evacuate an entire campground the first week of August due to the 60,000+ acre Rice Ridge fire. The fire didn’t reach the campground but the smoke was so thick visibility was bad. Prayers for all those affected.

3 years ago

I will celebrate Thanksgiving with my neighbors at the Escapees Rainbow’s End park in Livingston, Texas. We’re having a potluck dinner: $4.00 gets you turkey and gravy cooked by volunteers at the Activity Center, and each attendee has signed up to bring a side dish, rolls/bread or dessert. I am thankful I have a home, on wheels or otherwise. Many of my fellow humans are not so fortunate – I pray for their safety and happiness.

Bee O'Neil
3 years ago

Will be in the hospital recovering from a TAVR procedure…….and I won’t have to do the dishes!!!!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bee O'Neil

Good luck, Bee! We hope your procedure goes very well. No dishes! Woo hoo!! 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com

3 years ago

We’ll be traveling in South Florida in our RV but will have our Thanksgiving meal with family in Key Largo.

3 years ago

I avoid using the RV or going any place over the Holidays.

Too many UNSAFE NUTS on the road.

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