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What we learned about you last week (October 6-12)


Hello again and welcome back to the place where we learn about you, our favorite people! 

In last Saturday’s newsletter, we were curious to know if, when traveling, you usually make a reservation for a campsite in advance, or if you wing it day by day. Almost exactly half of you answered that you make a reservation (probably because these days it seems like that’s the only option!) and 19 percent of you say you most often make reservations. A risky 20 percent of you say you make reservations sometimes, and an even riskier 13 percent of you answered that you rarely, or never, make site reservations. I’m a tent camper (I know, I know. Judge me!) and I already see campgrounds booked through next summer. Help! 

On Monday we wondered: When you’re not using your RV, do you pay to store it? Nah, not 68 percent of you. A third, 33 percent, of you do though. TravelingParkers commented that there should have been a third option for full-timers. Good point!

Not too many lefties out there, huh? Tuesday’s poll asked if you were right or left handed. Most of you, 76 percent, are right-handed and only 10 percent of you are left. There are a few other percentages (sometimes Chuck gets carried away when making these surveys…ahem) so look at the picture to the right to see the rest of the answers. 

Vrrrrrrrrrooooom! Do you or your significant other own a motorcycle? Well, things got a little heated in the comments of Wednesday’s question. Motorcycles in RV parks? You have mixed feelings. Rod P. owns a bike, like the other 17 percent of you who do, and he commented, “I am 72 years young and have ridden motorcycles responsibly since I was 14. Wife and I are in the Smoky Mountains right now and towed our motorcycle on a trailer behind our Motorhome here to tour the beautiful scenery on our Harley Davidson cruiser. We do it every year.” Gary, like the 83 percent of you who don’t own a motorcycle says, “The few friends with motorcycles, one died on an accident, the other seriously injured for life. I am 75 and still enjoy driving cars.” 

Shucks! On Thursday we asked if you have insomnia and, yikes, 11 percent of you say you do, either all the time or often, and a whopping 50 percent of you say you do sometimes. A lucky 39 percent of you answered no, never. 

Stay tuned for next week’s polls. As always, we’ll look forward to seeing you and learning more!

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4 years ago

We do have a honda ct70 scooter I sometimes carry w chinook, but our “Harley” is a Chrysler Crossfire Roadster. Two only in top down w a pretty good degree of safety. I don’t have to die for making a mistake.

J.Kevin ` McCarron
3 years ago
Reply to  boxdin

You just don’t understand !

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