Friday, August 12, 2022


What we learned about you last week (March 3-9)

We hope RV park owners were paying attention to last Saturday’s RV Travel Newsletter. Seven out of ten of the more than 1,800 readers who responded to our poll believe that RV parks should delay their checkout times to noon or later. Most parks today require checkout at 11 a.m. Nearly half of the readers who responded believed that noon was the fairest time. See the results and read the comments here.

Below are the results of  polls we conducted in last week’s RV Daily Tips Newsletters.

Our readers are nice folks, well, most of them. Sixty-nine percent of more than 1,700 readers who voted said they always or almost always wave or blink their lights when someone pulls over to let them pass. Three percent said they never wave or blink “thanks.” We wish we knew who they were so we could hog the road and let them sit behind us rather than be inconvenienced by pulling over (and wasting fuel getting back up to speed).

Not too many readers have ever taken an RV trip outside the United States, Canada or Mexico. Only 14 percent of the nearly 1,500 readers who responded have ventured farther away. The RV Travel editor’s suggestion for a wonderful RV vacation abroad: Iceland (beautiful) and New Zealand (also beautiful).

No surprise here, but when we asked you how long it’s been since you used a phone booth to make a call, 88 percent said it’s been so long they can’t even remember. Only 2 percent said they had used one in the last five years. Want to have fun? Ask someone younger than 20 to explain how to use a phone booth. See how many of them actually know. We bet not many.

It’s been a cold winter season in most parts of the USA, and with about 1,300 readers reporting, it appears many of them have used a portable space heater to keep warm. Fifty-seven percent reported they used the heaters often, with 20 percent only “once in awhile.” Seventeen percent said they never used a portable space heater.

Diggin’ the stacks of wax: We asked our RV Daily Tips readers how often they listen to a broadcast radio station while driving. Of the nearly 1,500 readers who responded, 29 percent said all or most of the time. Twenty-eight percent listen “some of the time.” About a quarter (24 percent) say they never listen to a broadcast radio station. The survey is still open if you want to weigh in.

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