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What we learned about you last week (September 14-20)

By Emily Woodbury 

A few days ago I knew exactly what I was going to write here. A big, bright lightbulb went off, “Oh! That’s perfect. I’ll open with that.” I thought. Yeah, well, the key here is that was a few days ago and that light bulb has since then burnt out. I have no idea what I was going to say. Perhaps I should eat more rosemary or garlic; they help with memory, you know. Or maybe I should start hand-writing this thing instead of typing it, read about why handwriting is good for your brain here. (Have you learned something yet?) Well, before I forget what I’m here to do, let’s jump into this thing. (We’ve got six things to learn about you this week since we’ve added a Friday edition of our RV Daily Tips newsletter into the rotation.)

OK. Let’s see. Last Saturday’s poll asked: When was the last time you weighed your RV? Almost exactly half of you have never weighed your RV. OY! Only 20 percent of you have weighed your RV within the last year, 11 percent of you have weighed it sometime within the past two years, and another 20 percent of you answered that you probably weighed it more than two years ago. Make sure you click here to learn why it’s crucial to weigh your RV.

A frog was eating at a diner. When his hamburger got delivered to his table he was upset to see that it didn’t come with any sides. He said, “Excuse me, waiter. May I have a side of flies?” Ha…Ha…OK, that was a lame one. Anyway, according to Monday’s poll, 59 percent of you have eaten a hamburger within the last week. Y’all like your burgers, huh? Another 31 percent of you have eaten a burger within the last month or two, 5 percent probably haven’t had a burger in about a year (or a little less) and only 1 percent of you haven’t chowed down on a burger in over a year. The remaining 3 percent of you answered that you don’t eat hamburgers. Reader Wolfe has you all beat though. He commented, “Within the hour.”

Tuesday taught us that nearly half of you are not planning on selling your RV within the next year; however, a small 6 percent of you said that there is an excellent chance you’ll sell within the year. A good chunk of you, 15 percent, say you’re giving selling some serious thought, but a third of you think it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll sell.

I’ll attach Wednesday’s poll to the right over here, so I don’t have to throw a ton of numbers at you (even though that’s usually what I do here anyway). To summarize though, you were probably under the age of 30 when you first dreamed of buying an RV.

Chuck (my dad) and I were out to breakfast the other morning and the hostess asked us if we preferred a table or a booth. Immediately we both said, “Booth!” We then wondered what you would have said (so we asked you on Thursday). Most of you, 59 percent, are like us and prefer to sit at a booth. A little more than a quarter of you prefer a table, and 14 percent of you don’t care either way.

This is the part where I welcome you to our first Friday poll. Yay! We asked: Will you head south for all or part of the winter season? For the 21 percent of you who are, will you take me with you? I can pack within the hour! Some of you (22 percent) will head south for part of the winter, but the majority of you, 37 percent, won’t head south at all. That being said though, 21 percent of you are already down there sunbathing. You lucky lizards!

OK, that’s a wrap, folks! Until next time…


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