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What was your weirdest RVing encounter?

One of the great joys of RVing is meeting all kinds of wonderful people during your travels.  OK, some folks are not so wonderful (we talked about those in an earlier post) and some are just kind of strange.

This week we want to hear about the oddest encounter you have had while RVing.  

For example, here’s an instance that happened to me:

While staying at an Army Corps of Engineers campground in Washington, the woman from the next campsite came over to say hello and introduce herself. After a minute of pleasantries, she asked if I was by myself. I said that yes, I was. She answered that she was too. When I pointed out the fact that I was pretty sure I could see a guy setting up her campsite next door she answered, “Oh yeah, that’s my husband.” She then went off to join him. The two of them motored off the next morning. I have no idea what that was about.

Have you had an odd RVing encounter? Please share by filling out the form below (please DO NOT answer in the comments on this page). Please try to keep answers as short as possible (under 100 words is ideal). We’ll compile the most interesting answers and comments into a follow-up article next week.

(Answers may be edited for grammar and brevity.)

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1 month ago

Maybe not the weirdest, but a recent weird encounter. I’m at the beginning of my snowbird trek across the country beginning in Florida. We had a gentleman walk into our national seashore campsite donning his headlamp. He gave no warning. He was just suddenly upon us. His reason? This senior stated that he saw our campfire, had just bought a tee pee tent and had no idea how to start his own campfire.

I told him there are lots of dead palm fronds and pine cones in the ground that make good fire starters. And you can purchase a bundle of wood at the local convenience store. He asked if paper was required and I said no. He then walked off, stopped at the neighbor’s campsite and started over again. I think he was looking for some free wood and perhaps free fire starting labor.

Moral of the story, be direct. If he’d asked for some spare supplies and assistance, I would have offered. If he’d wanted to join us around our campfire, I might have obliged. Or maybe he got what he wanted.

Capt. Jim
1 month ago

I live in rural eastern Washington close by two COE campgrounds on the Snake River. Everyone here is weird. I absolutely love it.

1 month ago
Reply to  Capt. Jim

How would you Judge yourself Captain?

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