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Where do you live? Why there?

Where do you live? Why do you live there? How long have you lived there? What brought you there? Do you think you will ever leave? Who is the most famous person in your town, past or present? What is your town’s claim to fame?

If you’re a full-time RVer, then tell us about the last place you lived or the place you lived the longest.

Please reply in comments.

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Bill Downey
4 years ago

We live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where my job took me in 1972. We were hooked on the place almost immediately and have travelled throughout the U.S. (from Alaska to the Florida Keys) without finding anyplace we’d rather live. We travel now in a 35′ motorhome and snowbird in various places in Arizona, Texas and Florida, but Pagosa will always be home.

Denny Wagaman
4 years ago

We live in Wall Walla. Washington. Adam West (BATMAN ) was born and raised here. Walter Brattin inventor of the transistor, Drew Bledso grew up here, graduated from high school,. A beautiful town with 2 College and a magnificient community college, great Weather know locally as the Banna Belt. But really know for Being a Wheat farming community and now a fabulous wine community with over a 100 wineries and a fantastic Main Street with awesome restaurants. We travel in our 2011 MONACO Camelot for 6months a year during the winter going to Kernersville, NC during the holidays then to Hilton Head Head Marina and RV Park . Did have a beautiful lot in Outdoor Resorts Palm Spring but decided we would rather travel and see the USA. We enjoy cruise ships to all parts of the world, we started going together when she was 14.our only problem is she wants to stay home in the summer I want to travel!????. Walla Walla is the best place to live although my dream is to live in Hayden Lake. Idaho. But saying all that there are so many wonderful towns and people we have mentally move a thousand times but we always love being home in Walla Walla during the summer and fall!

Ellen W.
4 years ago

Sandusky Ohio is our home located on Lake Erie. This is a tourist Mecca that includes Cedar Point Amusment Park, indoor water parks and the islands. This is a beautiful area to explore with several local campgrounds. Looking forward to seeing more of the country next year. Retirement here we come. My husband and I both grew up here.

J French
4 years ago

Left Marin County Calif in the mid-70’s to escape unreal property values, moderate salaries & expensive living conditions for Cajun Country Louisiana & drilled oil wells all over the world for 40 years until retirement at age 60.
Still have the primary residence in Louisiana, a condo we rent out 11 months a year for vacationeers in Isla de Mujeres Mexico (we stay all of January) & because of this website & a B-in-law who bought a Forest River (Lemon) which scared us away from buying gas powered Class A’s costing below $200k (our budget for a class A) – we bought a Del Webb retirement community 1900 sq/ft 2 br/2.5ba house built in 1996 in Florida 1 hour from Orlando, 30 minutes from the beach Gulf side where we plan on wintering Dec & Feb plus escaping Louisiana summers July to Sept.
Otherwise we camp 1 week at a time per month 7 months a year usually in National Park forest areas or small non-resort privately owned campgrounds such as Betty’s in Abbeville La or Hidden Treasure at Cotile Lake in a 2015 Jayco 32RLDS.

Frank Damp (aka"Allan" some places)
4 years ago

We’ve lived in Anacortes, WA since late 1999, moving here from Everett when I retired early from Boeing. It has a similarly equable climate to the Everett/Seattle, but with about 35% less rainfall. It’s just on the edge of the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains.

Its small town character (about 18,000 population) is similar to our home town of Leyland in the UK, from where we emigrated in 1968. Having salt waterfront all around is what drew us here. Anacortes is on Fidalgo Island, the only one of the San Juans you can drive to. I don’t think we’ll leave here unless illness requires it, or I’m wearing a wooden overcoat.

Diane M
4 years ago

We live in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley of Tennessee, a primarily rural are with lovely views from the surrounding mountains. We were born and raised here, never wanted to leave. We love the peace and quiet, caring neighbors, low crime rate, low taxes, old-timey values. Nobody famous from here. Come to visit but don’t move in!

Sharon Naismith
4 years ago
Reply to  Diane M

Living in Crossville, TN, on the Cumberland Plateau, we have easy access to the Sequatchie Valley, just south of us.
We often take a ride down the valley on the back roads, just to slow down and enjoy the beautiful countryside. I understand why you say “Come to visit but don;t move in!”
It’s hard to believe (but true) that there are periodic efforts to build a dam at the south end of the valley, to store water for power. Let’s hope that never happens!

Joel & Betty
4 years ago

We escaped from Iowa and Brooklyn and have met and lived in southern Calif for 50 and sixty years and have owned 4 motor homes. We have traveled to Alaska, Nova Scotia and all over the USA. We have discovered that there is no better climate than here in Huntington Beach, Ca. near the ocean and Orange County, Ca. Always a n ocean breeze and very little flying bugs so we can enjoy the outdoors.

We now ‘camp’ with our two RV clubs every month up and down the Calif. coast in our 28′ class A. We make reservations up to 1 year in advance for the club which is necessary in the nice RV parks from central and So. Cal which are operative 12 months of the year. We will never see snow again and live nowhere near the fires or hurricanes etc.. A great way to enjoy our later years (86 and 75). Keep up your great work.

H.B. is adjacent to Los Angeles so I guess all those Hollywood people are famous.

Barbara A.
4 years ago

My husband and I both grew up in Los Angeles County in Southern California, which has a lot of positives. When we started full-timing in 2006 after selling our house, we traveled to the East Coast and back and saw how nice people are. It is an education to get out and travel. After a while, we joined Thousand Trails and got an annual site north of Los Angeles. We stay in the area because 3 of our 4 kids and their kids live in the general area. After traveling in Oregon and Washington, we fell in love with a park up in Oregon and got an annual site up there too. One of our kids and grandson live up that way, so it works for us to be able to see everyone. We stay 7 months in Oregon and 5 months in California and so far, so good. Don’t know of any famous people who lived in either of our original cities.

4 years ago

When we retired we moved from So Cal to my home state, Arizona.
Picking Chino Valley near Prescott as our new hometown. With a population of about 10,000 we are located at 4,700 feet in the Arizona midlands where we have both mild summers and mild winters, but still enough variation to have four beautiful seasons. And so far, after 11 years here, I still have not had the need for a snow shovel.!
We travel about 2-4 months a year in our Ole Antique 2000 Dutch Star Diesel Pusher. A couple of years ago we added two slide outs and remodeled the interior. Looking at new coaches it was an easy choice to do an extensive remodel to what has been a very reliable and trouble free coach… Though we love our motorized “mobile home” we still need a place to come home to and a place with a nice garage for me to “mess” with our ole coach…And as a side note looking over the past years trips we were on the road for 67 days and just over half that time we were ” Dry Camping” often on NFS and on BLM land that we are fortunate to have out west……

Sally Summerfield
4 years ago

I live outside of Ashland, KY and have all of my 60 years. Why? Appalachian families often cling close to home. It’s pretty and peaceful and we have four full seasons of weather which are all beautiful. Hills and trees and ponds and rivers and country people with a strong work ethic are still around. I nearly left several times but never did. We will sell our country home when hubby retires and travel as long as Health will allow. Right now, we practice as often as possible in our Newmar Ventana. Famous people from here?? Billy Ray Cyrus, Wynona and Naomi Judd, Soupy Sales , Katie Lee ( the food channel) and Jennifer Garner is from just down the road a bit.

Mary Ann Englert
4 years ago

We’ve lived on the west coast of Florida for 49 years and for the past 32 years lived on Terra Ceia Island at the south end of the Skyway Bridge and north of Bradenton. We love the water and the quiet. Terra Ceia was home to native Americans and pioneers.
During prohibition the mangrove tunnels provided escape routes and hiding places for bootleggers.
Over the years we’ve camped in a variety of styles from tent to old Class C. Anticipating retirement, we purchased a 2005 Winnebago Voyage Class A and have been exploring Florida for the last two years. Now retired we are planning a 3-month trip out west to see our boys and families and places we’ve always talked about visiting. With hubby’s health issues, travelling by RV is the best way.

Gene and Carol
4 years ago

Lemmon South Dakota , Home to the worlds largest Petrified Wood park , Hugh Glass and the Grizzly that almost killed him , George Edward Lemmon the Boss Cowman that saddle handled more cattle than anyone , The famous scrap metal and bronze sculpture maker -John Lopez . Place bound because of homesteading grandparents and parents that survived the dirty 30’s . Only leave when we can take the toy hauler to fly in’s for powered parachutes .

Alice Miller
4 years ago

We live in California City, CA only because the only grandkids live fairly close by.

Debi Pitzer
4 years ago

We live in Rendon, TX and I don’t know why, lol! Our mailing address is Burleson, TX , home of Kelly Clarkson, “American Idol”’s Season 1 winner. My uncle has her llama on his land. We have a 2008 Tiffin Phaeton 36 ft. and get away whenever we can. I would love to full-time but haven’t been able to talk hubby into it yet…maybe one day! Love your newsletter!

4 years ago

We live in Richland, WA. We were workampers and spent 2 summers working in nearby Prosser. Fell in love with the area. Had to stop traveling due to my husband’s illness 4 years ago. I hope to be able to travel again after he dies.

Paul Goldberg
4 years ago

We met in kindergarten in Rochester NY and stayed on after college to raise a family in the wonderful environment there. We camped in tents and the boys and their families do that too now. Our youngest has his own trailer. After borrowing a friends RV and then renting a C for a week we took the plunge in 2001 and bought our first Cl A. Today we live in our 36′ Phaeton moving between Rochester NY in the summer and Jojoba Hills SKP Resort near Temecula CA in the other seasons. We continue to travel both by RV and plane as much as we can.

John Koenig
4 years ago

I am a lifelong resident of Long Island, NY and, have been in my current house for 35+ years. I’m in the process of emptying out 35+ years of “stuff” so I can sell said house. Once the house is sold, I’ll head west in my Super-C Class diesel puller RV and, explore America as long as I’m healthy enough to drive. I won’t miss NY at all.

Deb M
4 years ago

We moved to lovely, rural Warren, along the St. George River in Midcoast Maine, February 14, 1983, when my husband changed jobs. We don’t ever plan to leave our 1820 Cape despite retirement travels in our Winnebago Access. We’ve never visited a nicer spot, a town of rolling hills, farms, lakes and streams. Seven Tree Pond and the St. George River provide peaceful kayaking.

Ellis Spear, Civil War Brevet Bigadier General with the 20th Maine, hailed from Warren. We are also proud of local historian Cyrus Eaton.

Our town is named for Revolutionary War hero Dr. (General Joseph ) Warren, who died at Bunker Hill. A trading post as early as 1631, we were part of the Waldo Patent, settled in 1736 and incorporated in 1776. We are home to locks on the Georges River Canal, and were home to early industries.

If you find yourself traveling on Route 1 or Rt 90 in Warren, why not visit Payson Park to picnic and explore the remains of the canal system, visit our excellent historical society museum at the Dr. Campbell House, take the historical walking tour of Warren Village, visit the café on Main Street and shop at Beth’s, the best farm market in Maine.

Tom and Pat G.
4 years ago

We have lived in Franklin, Wisconsin, a suburb on Milwaukee’s southwest side for 45 years after building a new home in 1972. We were born in Milwaukee and met roller skating! Pat tent camped since 5 years old but I didn’t start until 1981, two years after our son was born. [He loved camping as a child and now his family camps, too.] We have talked about moving but we have friends we have known most of our lives here. Leaving would be emotionally hard but we have discussed it. Right now we spend most winters in the south between Florida and Arizona. We enjoy sightseeing across America too much to settle down permanently.

Elaine Schuster
4 years ago

We actually live two miles north of Eight Mile, but really, are attached to Detroit. We were both born here, went to college, found careers, raised our family. I would happily relocate just about anywhere, but the Man is rooted here. Our particular town, Southfield, was first a farm community, then a getaway refuge, then a bedroom community. Nothing particularly exciting happened here. Some of our most famous residents have been Tommie Hearns and his manager, Emanuel Stewart, and Geoffrey Feiger. We have a Roadtrek to travel in, and spend some winter time in warmer country than Michigan. I snagged a snowbird nest in Titusville, Florida where we can watch the rocket launches from our corner.

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