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Where to go to find warm winter weather?



Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
We have decided to spend our second winter on the road in Florida. We spent our first winter in Arizona and froze to death. We thought Arizona was like Hawaii but found out that is not the case. Now we are cold in Northern Florida and I want to go to Mexico next year. My husband refuses to take our RV into Mexico, so where the heck can I go for the winter and be warm? I might just as well stay home next to the wood stove. —Cast member from the movie “Frozen”

Dear Frozen:
If you don’t want to go to Mexico and keep heading south until you find warm weather, do it in Florida. It’s a very long state with lots of micro climes. The farther you head south the better your chances of finding warmer weather.

You are right, the desert gives up its warmth at night and you will experience many more cold nights and mornings in the West. The days are typically warm and sunny, but you have your windows opened at night much less than if you were in a climate like Southern Florida.

How about meeting halfway? Try Brownsville, Texas.

You may not find the utopia of weather in the South during the first couple months of the year, but it still beats chopping firewood. You could be like the cast member Elsa and just “Let it go.” —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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5 years ago

Elevation is the clue in places like Arizona, southern California and Texas. In winter, the warm places are the low areas.

Marcel Ethier
5 years ago

We have wintered in Florida (Arcadia & LaBelle), Texas (Harlingen, Mercedes, Rockport) and Arizona (Apache Junction, Gold Valley) . Florida is warm, can be very humid and not that windy but buggy at sunset. Texas is warm, not that humid and no bugs because of the wind. Arizona is warm, very sunny and dry during the day but cold at night. Scenery is Arizona is breathtaking. Cost is medium for food and RV resorts. Texas is very friendly and welcoming. Cost is the least expensive of the three states for RV resorts and food. Florida is the most expensive of the three for food and RV resorts. Winter weather in Florida and Texas can be absolutely great or a crap shoot. Sunny and warm/hot with little or no rain or cool and wet. Arizona is pretty consistent with warm days, cool/cold nights and lots of sun.

Greg Hite
5 years ago

On January 15th we woke up to wind and a cold forecast in Bullhead City Arizona . Two hours later on the road to Florida. Arrived south of Lake O late Monday night and a 80* day.

Kenneth Fuller
5 years ago

Yes, the Rio Grande Valley is nice. Once in a while you will get cool weather, but that is usually when the north is getting sub-zero weather. We’ve had a couple of days in the mid 90’s this month. (Mission) Unusual for January, but none the less we have had them.

Penny Wyatt
5 years ago

Extreme South Texas is very tropical climate and the cost of living is much less than in Florida. Give Brownsville, Harlingen, Port Isabel area a look. There is also very good medical care down there.

5 years ago

South Florida (south of Lake Okeechobee) tends to stay fairly warm in the winter and the higher prices reflect that. “North Florida” can have varied weather depending on where you are at. Being close to the water (either Gulf or Ocean) will moderate the cold temperatures. Inland can get very cold. I remember my grandmother’s pond in Pierson freezing over several winters. That said, my husband & I spent almost three months (Jan – March) in Panama City and the weather was generally warm enough that we walked on the beach almost every evening. We spent a colder winter in Corpus Christi TX. Occasionally there was frost on the windshield in the early morning. The weather is not predictable. Maybe the cold weather is following you?

5 years ago

I live in south Florida and cold weather is very rare. We do get a few cool days each winter but nothing requiring heat. The prices go way up for a campsite though. You pay for the weather.

Ken Stewart
5 years ago

I use an app called “Earth Climate”. Not perfect, but very useful.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

Frankly, while many folks swear by going to Mexico, I’m not one of them. I will stay out of Mexico every chance I get – which is always. I just don’t trust the place.

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