Thursday, June 30, 2022


Why did GMC cancel its futuristic GMC motorhome?

General Motors shocked the world in the 1973 model year with the debut of the beautiful GMC motorhome. The 1973-1978 GMC motorhome was an engineering wonder that was decades ahead in styling and engineering to its closest competition. The recreational vehicle revolutionized the large RV market. Back then, no mainstream carmaker offered a recreational vehicle to market, which made the GMC motorhome a big deal.

Introduced in an ad with the catchy slogan, “It doesn’t ride like a truck, it doesn’t look like a box,” the RV set itself apart from conventional ones thanks to its futuristic streamlined design resting on its own bespoke aluminum-intensive architecture.

It was a mechanical tour de force, using not-before-seen features such as a side-by-side rear wheel setup with air suspension, which gave the motorhome unparalleled ride quality compared to the conventional dually configuration.

So why did GM cancel it? Watch this video for the answer.


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