Why do you travel?




We recently received an email from Dave Laton, D.Min., who suggested a new topic of discussion for our newsletter: “Why we travel.” He wrote “in addition to traveling for the pleasure of seeing our great nation, my wife and I travel to small churches helping them with various projects. We spend a couple of weeks on site helping repair, build, clean up storm damage, teach bible classes, or other such activities.”

We agree that it would be interesting to hear why you travel with your RV. Do you like to camp to experience nature? Do you combine business with travel (i.e., traveling nurses, work camping)? Do you travel seasonally, following the sun, staying in RV parks or places familiar? Or do you simply love a good old-fashioned road trip, where you meander from place to place, exploring as you go?

Please leave your comments below and we’ll publish the results later.


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Jack and Wanda

It is pure fun. We go where we want, we see what we want (always something new, even in old places) and we stay as long as we want. We also travel to see our children and grandchildren. The US is a vast and wonderful place with beauty unmatched in the rest of the world. There is no better reason to travel in your RV, with your sheets, bathroom and kitchen (inside or outside) than to see the good old USA.

John Koenig

1: Because I can! (now retired)
2: In my working years, vacations were usually carefully planned and often rushed, to get in as much as possible. Now, I can take my time, relax and enjoy more.
3: There’s SOOOOOOOOOO much to see, do and explore across America. I hope to see and do as much as possible while I’m healthy enough to drive an RV. I’m amazed at how many people wish they could do what I’m doing (of course they can but, simply make excuses not to).
4: So many RV rallies/events are available. The bigger ones are usually a good mix of RV education, socializing and free time to do as you please. The smaller ones are often for a specific interest (same type of RV, same hobbies etc). I can also choose the solitude of boondocking in some of the most beautiful places on earth.
5: RVers are a lot like boaters and pilots. Many of the nicest people I’ve met have either RV, boating or aviation backgrounds (or all three).
6: Traveling by RV means I get to sleep in my own bed, have my own bathroom and kitchen and, don’t have to pack and unpack at every stop essentially living out of a suitcase.
These are just the first advantages that come to mind. There are many others!

Marie and David

We travel because we love a road trip and want to see as much of the country as we can while we’re still able to hike, bike and walk in the areas we visit. We want to have many fond memories of all of our incredible journeys to remember when we finally reach the point when we can no longer travel.


We hope to see as much of Canada and the USA as possible. We love to find new hiking trails and explore what nature has to offer.

John Jamieson

Well there’s not much prettier country than right out the door of my log cabin here in the woods of Northwest Montana, but I do like to get away whenever the local skunk decides to stay for a few days under my front porch…

Gary Pratt

my wife and my top 5 reasons we travel.
1 Gods creation never ceases to amaze us and we want to see as much of it as we can.
2 learning never stops and we learn something new everywhere we go.
3 there is always something new around the next corner or over the next rise.
4 we love our National Park system and want to visit as many of them as we can in our lifetime.
5 it keeps us young at heart

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY

Our motto and philosophy about why we travel is located on a sign in our motor home mid entrance. It reads “WE TRAVEL NOT TO ESCAPE LIFE, BUT FOR LIFE NOT TO ESCAPE US”.

Ken Vallet-Sandre

…because we just can’t shake the need to see what’s over the next rise.


We travel (camp) mostly because, initially, it was a way to get away from “electronic media”. We began when our kids were 10, 9 and 7 – 2/3 of them with Asperger’s. In their very concrete minds, camping was NO ELECTRONICS ALLOWED, so we got no arguments! Bliss!
Now that they are much older, we continue to camp almost every weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the White Mountains of our home state. The kids come 50% of the time (they now have jobs that limit availability). When we all get away, frequently meet up with cousins and make memories. When we venture further from home, we often do so with the camper simply to have our own bed and food.

Chuck Turner

I guess we are sun worshipers. Our life motto “Chasing 70” says it all. As far as seeing the sites – been there done that – and slept at least one night in 48 states. Now we winter in southern FL and summer in southern CO with limited sightseeing in between.

Allan Colgan

We travel because we want to say “I can’t believe we did that, rather then I wish we could have done that.”

Jim and Shirley

While a lot of our friends travel outside of the USA, my husband and I believe that we need to see the US. We have traveled from sea to sea, and up to Alaska. This is a beautiful and diverse country, and traveling slowly by RV is the best way to see it. We will continue until we can’t.

Richard Brandt

My wife and I travel from one bicycle trail to another preferable rails to trails. We like them level, paved and shady! RVing is the way to keep all of your `stuff’ in the same place wherever you go which is far better than packing/unpacking to change locations.

David E. Brunk

Life is a journey, it’s said, not a destination and it is in the journey, the pilgrimage if you will, that I find renewal, stimulation, inspiration and opportunity to look at life from different perspectives and come away refreshed and reborn.
Jim Forman expresses it well in the following verse.

Nobody Knows it But Me

There’s a place that I travel,
When I want to roam
And nobody knows it but me.

The roads don’t go there,
And the signs stay home
And nobody knows it but me.

It’s far, far away and way, way afar,
It’s over the moon and the sea,
And wherever you are going,
That’s wherever you are
And nobody knows it but me.

-Patrick O’Leary

Jerry Collis

We travel to see this great country of ours.
After serving 22 years in the military (mostly overseas) then working and raising a family, we realized we never traveled within the continental US and Canada, other than to visit relatives, and see all of its wonders.
We have traveled from Florida to New Foundland and recently followed the Lewis & Clark expedition from St. Lewis to Oregon. We are zig zagging our way across America.

Steven M Jenkins

We travel …
1. To escape Florida’s hurricane season,
2. To escape Florida’s long season of heat, humidity, bugs, etc,
3. To experience other parts of the country, especially where the leaves turn into beautiful colors in autumn,
4. To see what it is like to live in other parts of our country, including their special events, foods, etc,
5. To capture photos and videos of beautiful things, and
6. To break the monotony of life as usual.

Robert Olson

I have always loved seeing new places, And I have always loved working with Jesus Christ and building His Kingdom on earth. So when our denomination came out with A program for RVers we signed on. (There are several other programs ,ours is with RVMAPS and The Assemblies of God.) to go to work projects all over the USA. Now my wife and I can see this great country, and help at Churches , camps, Teen Challenges, etc. We have been around the country 2 time from east to west, and now travel mostly North to south an the east coast. close to 10 years now.
We plan to do this till we no longer can. It’s wonderful to be able to fulfill a desire to help and get blessed along the way while meeting and work with others.

Rob and Karen Olson
Upstate NY


I think we travel, just to take our time and to see as much of this great county as possible, I have travel all my life as much as i could, we are getting older now and have medical problems so we don’t get to go to far from home but still enjoy it very much.

Tim Resch

after the comments are in, group/classify them and do a poll
I road trip in a Winnebago Travato called a touring van, camping in campgrounds or boondocking and often a new location every night.

Steve Marshall

My wife & I are Sojourners, which is a Church of Christ ministry. We also do work for Christian, schools, camps and children’s homes.

We still work and stay in shape while helping others plus we get to see America.