Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Why is a water view so important?

A “lake view” space just opened up at the RV park where I’m staying. I’m tempted to pull up and move there. But I won’t because I’m too lazy to unhook the utilities and then reverse the process after moving.

water-703Why is it we love views of the water, whether a lake or ocean? I know that to me it’s pleasing, relaxing. At home near Seattle, my home overlooks Puget Sound. It’s somehow calming to look out over the water. It’s not exciting, but it always makes me feel good. I bet my blood pressure drops a few points.

I wonder if being in view of water has something to do with we humans being composed mostly of water, about 60 percent. Actually, men average 60 percent. Women are a little less, 55 percent, because their bodies contain more fat.

Or maybe looking at water is just pretty, and that’s why the sight of it is so pleasing. Maybe that alone is worth the extra price of a home or campsite.

What do you think?


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