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Wife concerned about RV’s water leak; hubby says no problem


Dear RV Shrink:
rvshrinkAfter a recent rainstorm I found a pool of water on my makeup table in our motorhome bedroom. There is a small window there and my husband says it checks out fine. He looked at all the seals inside and out and says they are fine.

With that report he dismissed the problem as a freak accident. I told him water leaks are not a freak accident, but he refuses to pursue it any further.

I hate to be a nagging wife, but don’t you think he should work on it until he finds the cause? —Mad as a wet hen in Helena

Dear Helena:
I agree — work on the problem until you solve it. Leaks are nothing to ignore. They can cause permanent damage it you let them go and continue to flow.

Work as a team. Spray water on the window and figure out where the leak begins. Before you do anything, check the weep holes. Most RV windows have a couple weep holes to let water seep out the bottom of the window track. These holes often clog with debris. When that happens it can overflow to the interior of the coach. Often, clearing those passages will solve your problem.

Remind your husband that one small leak can sink a mighty ship. Deal with it now.

Give this column to your husband. Tell him to “Read it and weep.” —Keep Smilin’, RV Shrink

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Gene Bjerke
6 years ago

Water is sneaky stuff; where it ends up is not necessarily where it comes in. You may have to expand your search area.

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