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These activities will beat the RVing winter blues

Well, it’s winter. A lot of RVers winterize the rig and put it up until spring. Others don’t do that, opting for traveling to a warmer clime or hangin’ tough with the white stuff. So, I asked some of my RVing friends what they do during those cold days to keep from going stir-crazy. Most of them replied with activities that seem, well, normal. However, a few came back with things, if not unique, are perhaps limited amongst us.

Things that we all do

Most of us engage in activities that seem obvious. We like jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and sudoku. We love to play games like cards, dominos, and board games that consume a bunch of time. Several said that they like to work out every day with or without equipment. A few even join the local gym, especially if it offers an indoor pool. Staying fit is good: lift some weights, sit in on a yoga class, swim laps. 

Many of us prefer to watch movies, mostly the classics. Nothing like seeing John Wayne or a young Clint Eastwood shoot up the place. About as many enjoy reading a good book. One person said that she reads about two books a week… wow! A couple of folks even enjoy writing books. One is working on a third novel… another wow!

Things that some of us do

Not a majority, but still quite a few, mentioned, “Get the hell outside.” After all, that is why we RV, is it not, to enjoy nature’s offerings? Once outside, we like to go for walks or hikes, chop wood, go snowshoe trekking, strap on the cross-country skis, and ride bikes. A couple mentioned nature photography, painting, and working in a sketchbook. Interestingly, no one mentioned posting anything to social media.

Another sizable group reported activities around the RV like cleaning, organizing, inventorying the pantry, repairing, and cooking. All notable and necessary, but enjoyable? I don’t think so, but that’s just me. There are plenty of hobbyists out there who like sewing, cross stitching, macrame, leather working, and whittling. 

Things few of us (admit) doing

I’ma gonna let these few comments speak for themselves: ”sex,” “chase the wife around,” “adult naps,” and “role-playing.”  Uh, those might be a bit too personal. Fortunately, no one gave details.

So, if you have something that we missed, let me know. I am up for trying anything—well, almost anything—once. Happy travels!



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1 month ago

We spend the winter months updating and redecorating our brick and mortar home. Each year we choose 1 or 2 projects. About the time we get them done and the house cleaned up, it is time to start camping. We get out in March. Camping in a little snow is fine. Key word LITTLE.

Bob M
1 month ago

Last week I was making a camping reservation for Oct at Promised Land State Park, Pa. I noticed some people had reservations for camping in Jan. So I took a ride up and sure enough there were a few people camping. Some were in tents and the ground had a couple inches of snow. One guy was even ice fishing. Promised Land has a few campsites with electricity open in the winter, weather permitting. Not many in Pa are open. A few are open till Dec when hunting ends.

1 month ago

To Dale Wade – those were great and I thank you for them. ANd I want to add – I love the role playing. My husband and I did that – and we had so much fun. it went on for a few hrs and after a while we could not tell who was playing who. So for fun and a good laugh – i highly suggest role playing. Thank you for the list.

Bob p
1 month ago

Until I got smart and moved to Alabama in 1985 I entertained myself running the snow blower half the winter. Lol. About the time I’d get the driveway cleared here came the snow plow and covered the end of the driveway again. Too late to do it over I’d crash through it and go to work only to start over when I returned home that evening after dark. Fun, fun, fun! Lol

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