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Would you drive out of your way to save on fuel?


Would you drive five miles out of your way to save 10 cents a gallon on gas or diesel? Let’s assume that you have half a tank of fuel or less.

That’s what the inquiring minds at would like to know this week. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Be warned: the poll make a few moments to load. So stand by.

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HT Morgan
3 years ago

I have a FJ discount card for $.07 on gas and $.09 on diesel. Many FJ’s have an RV Lane to make it easier to get in and out. So it pays more to go a bit further for a good deal.

Steven C
3 years ago

Maybe – depend on how far. We usually are on major highways but we do check with the Gasbuddy app. My goal is to add a 40 gal aux tank which will give us a days driving. Assuming we would unhook for a couple days, I would be willing to look a little off the main road for better fuel prices. You usually find the best restaurants when doing that!


Paul Goldberg
3 years ago

Buying 50 gal, my average purchase of diesel I would save $5. at 9 mpg 10 miles would cost $3.00 (very approximate round numbers) So not only do I spend $$ to get to the out of the way station I would spend 15 additional minutes driving. In my experience the time to pump 50 gal of diesel would be at least twice as long at a retail station – once spent 25 min pumping 50 gal at a circleK, never again, I hated it and they hated me. WE are 2 lane highway people, but there are usually truck stops near major intersections with interstates.

3 years ago

I answered not likely because I’m more concerned about getting in and out without damage. I’ll pay a little more if the station has wide open access. I’ll pass by stations that are less expensive, but may be a tight fit. I call it a convenience tax.

Rory R
3 years ago

after reading thru the comments posted here, it seems I’m the only respondent using diesel fuel. Prices are all over the chart, in some areas, it is the same as gas, in other areas it is a lot more than gas. I’m dealing with a 200 gal tank to boot. I refill @ about 1/4 tank, I use Gas buddy to find local stations, preference is Flying J using their discount card for RV’s. I don’t mind driving away from the Interstate to get a better uninflated price. If that’s being cheap, so be it, I travel quite a bit, and every little bit helps in the long run.

3 years ago

Actually, do I drive out of the way? Maybe. But I use the Gas buddy ap or my co pilot does, to find Shell, with as much as fifteen cents off using their card and rewards, or Flying J which is almost always the cheapest any way with their RV card.

Gene Bjerke
3 years ago

I answered “yes, more times than not.” That was the least wrong of the available answers. If I know the area, I will head to the cheapest station if it is within a couple of miles. On the road, I keep track of the local prices, and stop in (if under a half tank) when I see a cheaper one. In normal circumstances, you can almost count on finding a cheaper station just down the road from the last fill-up. I don’t obsess about fuel prices, you will pay a large range anyway.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

We generally do what most others do. Look for the station we can get in and out of without some sort of disaster. I want to easily get up to the pump (many Maverick stations are NOT RV friendly) so I’m not shutting down a whole section of the parking area. With a 24′ long tow vehicle and a 30′ long trailer, you can quickly become the most UNFAVORITE person on the lot!

But, since we do most of our traveling on two lanes, this means we just MAY shut down some small town’s only gas station for a bit – ha. I try to smile at everyone even though I think I know what they are thinking . . .

3 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I’m surprised no one has suggested this, so i guess i will… i carry at least two 6-gallon gas cans to guarantee at least 100miles safety margin past where I *expect* to refuel. Less familiar routes, I have gone up to 6 cans (36gal) strapped in. Peace of mind and safety is priceless. BUT there’s another benefit to these tanks – in those small town stations where a 60′ rig doesn’t fit, I comfortably park the rig roadside or even next door and can do a 2-tank swap-line to fill the rig. With a passenger to help, it even takes the same time as pumpside.

Captn John
3 years ago

Not no, but hell no. Actually we use Next Exit to plan stops at Pilot/Flying J. Yes, the 9 cents per gallon discount helps but their card is only used for ease of payment. I’ll go out of my way for many fun or interesting things, but not to save on fuel while pulling a 43′ 5er. When pulling I look for ease/speed of in/out plus maybe a soda and sandwich.

Kelly R
3 years ago

5 miles out of my way: It can be rationalized different ways but few can make it work dollars and cents wise. Charts show that it costs anywhere from 30 to 60 cents a mile to drive a sedan. I am sure it must be more for an RV. Even for just gas savings of 10 cents a gallon for 10 miles (or even 5 miles) for 15 gallons does not make sense – no less for the time lost on the road. It’s the same reason I spend 50 cents more for an item at ACE just 1 mile down the road rather than “save” 50 cents at Home Depot 15 miles away – cost of gas and time. Today’s mindset has people spending more money to “save” money. Advertising and “sales” work very well FOR THE SELLER. We have been dumbed down America.

Bob p
3 years ago

5 miles out of the way means 10 miles, at 8-9mpg that’s a gallon of gas I’ll use to save $.10 per gallon so if I’m buying 60 gal at the savings I will save $6 and at $2 /gal I’ll save $4

3 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

Indeed, “location, location!” as well as “rig! rig!”… with my truck’s OEM 30gallon tank here in NY at $3/gallon when King Cuomo is in a “good” tax mood the figures get much tighter. To keep math simple, 10 miles at 10mpg costs $3 and saves $3 for 30 gallons from *dead empty.* No savings at all.

if I’m a more typical 2/3 empty, I’d spend $3 to gain $2… losing $1. I only win if I can get over the state line and save 70 cents/gallon and/or carry six 6-gallon gascans in my bed to escape my home state and gas-up again before returning.

3 years ago

This is entirely a mathematical question to me… I have meter on my dash that reads exactly how many gallons of gas are “missing” from my tank and the current mileage, so the gas-vs-savings-for-distance is “easy” to figure out. People not as intuitive with math could figure it once and print a lookup table for quicker reference.

Generally with my rig’s normal setup, your “5miles to save 10 cents” is about the tipping point (15 gallons@10 cents savings pays for burning $1.50 more in fuel to get it). Keep in mind that’s total extra mileage, so figure round-trip when detouring from a highway. When carrying extra tanks for generator or extra range, the benefit may be WELL worth the detour to take on 50-60 gallons cheaper. When driving through the northeast, making it over a state line can be worth 70 cents a gallon, so I strategize fueling heavily.

3 years ago

It all depends on access to the pumps. Most of the smaller (lower priced) stations are not
RV friendly.
When planning my trip, i always look at an aerial view on Google maps. i can see if the is enough room for my 30 ft toy hauler to maneuver the pumps.

Mary Ann
3 years ago

When traveling in the RV, we will fuel up at the first available gas station on our route that provides good in and out access. We pay the pump price. At home, we know where we get the best price and plan our errands accordingly.

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