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Why I write for

Recently, at one of our staff and writers’ meetings (yes, we are real RV people, not artificial intelligence [AI] “androids”!), someone asked why we write for and not other publications. They were referencing publications where the pay might be better but the articles don’t need to be as accurate or truthful. I only had to reflect for a moment.


I had been reading, devouring, really, for years as an ardent RVer long before I ever submitted an article to the newsletter. I am passionate about RVing. From the time I was 15 and saw my first Winnebago Brave, I knew that camping in an RV was what I wanted, no, had to do. From a van converted in the backyard to a truck camper to building a Class C, then two class A’s, I was hooked. I dragged my family with me!

The day I retired we sold our house and all our stuff except for a few mementos and took off in ten-degrees-below-zero weather. These last eight years of full-time RVing have been a gift and an adventure. Recently we have become 3/4-timers, but I can still write from some of the most beautiful spots in the country.

Expertise taught me a lot through those years. The writers are experts. I continue to learn from them. They are real RVers and have extensive backgrounds in operation, maintenance, and repair.

Building the van and Class C from the ground up taught me a lot, too. Decades of RVing and seminars have honed my skills, both through mistakes and triumphs. I want to continue to share my learning and expertise with others, particularly those just starting out.

The community

The readers of have become my community. You have become familiar through emails and comments. You have sent condolences when my dad died and sympathy when our RV had its big “oops” accident.

Your comments keep me on my toes. When I put a photo of the wrong snake in an article, you let me know immediately! You have sent me suggestions with the best RVing apps, and you even sent me info about getting the rinser out of the hot water tank. (Sigh. I tried, but it’s still in there.)

You don’t always agree with some of my thoughts or writing (and yes, you are sometimes very vocal about it), but that is part of the community of RVers. We are all different and yet so much alike in our love of camping and RVing.

When I address you as “Dear readers,” I mean it. You have become very dear to me. You, dear readers, along with the staff of, have become family. This is why I write for



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26 days ago

I appreciate your articles and your point of view.

Seb Trost
26 days ago

Love your articles!

Lorna Bartlett
26 days ago

I learn so much from, and enjoy your articles. We love the lifestyle, and there’s always something new to learn! All of the staff knowledgeable and enthusiastic. So glad to have found you! Let the adventures continue!

Diane McGovern
26 days ago
Reply to  Lorna Bartlett

Thank you for your very kind words, Lorna. We sincerely appreciate them, and we appreciate you! Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

26 days ago

Thanks Nanci! I love your articles.

Neal Davis
26 days ago

Thank you, Nanci! Very interesting path through RVing that you’ve traveled. It never occurred to me to think that you were not qualified to write your stories, but now I understand why (at least a little bit) you are extremely well-qualified to write them. Thanks again and safe travels!

26 days ago

Nanci, I enjoy most all of the writing at RVTravel…but I enjoy your writings and ruminations above all! Thank you!

26 days ago

Thanks for sharing. You start my morning every morning. This year we will become half time RVers….we’re selling our home, buying a house in Merida Mexico (living there from October to May) and living in our RV in Muskoka Ontario from May to October. The adventures never end.

26 days ago

I would like to thank you for what you do!

Cookie P
27 days ago

I appreciate RVT because the articles and info are from real people who live the RV life. I would love to sit around the campfire with the staff.

Angela Klinger
26 days ago
Reply to  Cookie P

That’s a great idea! So would I.

Diane McGovern
26 days ago
Reply to  Cookie P

Thanks, Cookie! We appreciate your kind words, and we’d love to have you join us at our campfire! (Well, if we had such a thing. 😉 ) Happy camping! 😀 –Diane at

27 days ago

I believe that all the contributors to RVT have a measure of courage in their soul. Human journaists/contributors will be the wall that saves our society and by never allowing AI to get a foothold into our daily Journalistic physique, journalists will someday be our salvation. AI in journalism is more dangerous to our society than AI in our weapons of war. No matter the topic, thanks for being REAL.

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