Saturday, November 26, 2022


Readers tell us: For self-quarantining couples, how well are you getting along?

By Emily Woodbury

“Honey, did you eat BOTH leftover portions?!” That’s a conversation I imagine is happening quite often with quarantining couples these days.

In the April 11th issue of our Saturday newsletter, we asked how you and your significant other are getting along during quarantine. For many, this is a great time to bond with one another; for others, it may be tough to be with your partner for so much time. What’s it like for you?

According to our poll, 20 percent of you say you’re actually getting along better now than you were before, and 75 percent of you say you’re getting along about the same as always. A small 4 percent of you say you’re not getting along as well, and it’s stressful; and 1 percent of you answered that spending this much time with your partner is a nightmare.

Here’s what a few of you commented:

“We met in 1955, married in 1958…still make each other laugh every day…so we have no problem being together 24/7.” — Pat G. 

“Regardless of what The Gov’t says, sometimes we can’t get close enough, and sometimes, 40’ ain’t enough!” — Gary Johnson

“We celebrated our 40th anniversary in quarantine and with little fanfare. It was the best anniversary ever. Thus far in quarantine, we have gained a still greater understanding of one another.” — Bill

Now, something to note here… Many of you pointed out in the comments that as RVers there’s a good chance you’re used to sharing a small space with someone/your partner 24/7. Many of you wrote that you’re getting along the same as usual because nothing has really changed for you. Makes sense!


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