Friday, August 19, 2022


A reminder of staying hyper-attentive while driving

It pays to be cautious when driving or towing your RV. You can’t stop as well as you can with a passenger car. In driver education classes, students are taught to always be aware of what is transpiring far ahead of them to avoid a surprise.

Washington state patrol photo

An accident last Tuesday in Washington state illustrates that hyperawareness can be critical. In this case, such awareness may have prevented a serious accident. Or perhaps the driver was as aware as best he could be, and his quick reaction saved a far worse outcome.

In this instance, three vehicles were involved, including a motorhome. A woman in the RV suffered an arm injury and was airlifted to a Seattle hospital. The RV driver and another passenger were not injured.

Troopers said the semi-truck going southbound swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting slowed traffic ahead. The RV going northbound was trying to avoid the semi-truck when the RV swerved into a ditch.

The third vehicle, a car going northbound behind the RV, also swerved to miss the truck and was lightly damaged. The semi-truck driver and car driver did not suffer any injuries.



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