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Would you use this RV park’s toilet?

This is what greeted one RVer upon entering an RV park’s restroom. 

It appears there’s some construction going on with the showers. Still, to current park visitors, the privacy afforded one of the toilets leaves much to be desired. So, if the private stall is occupied, and you’ve really, really gotta go, hope you enjoy visiting with your fellow campers while you do.

Have you encountered some less-than-desirable restrooms? Please send a photo. It’s okay to name the place. Send to chuck (at) .



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Scott Snider
4 years ago

First let say yes If I have to go I go! Funny story, I was driving on the 5 past Mt Shasta and stopped at a viewing stop but they only had one bench and a tall fence near the woods. I was towing my TT and as I went to use the rest room on board a woman came up to me and asked could she also, sure then another and another, being a gentleman and try to be a nice guy I let them and showed how to rinse their hand over the toilet to help flush and I had no water in the tank.

4 years ago

Well…as a retired nurse, I can say that seeing another person use this toilet wouldn’t bother me in the least…after 40 years of standing beside folks while they “went”…
However, sitting there is one thing. It’s a little different when time comes to do some cleanup from a “larger” job! No privacy there whatsoever. I guess if others don’t want to watch , they won’t.

4 years ago

I can’t remember where it was in California other than in the mountains. But this was the best with the worst. The restroom (crapper) was a open toilet over a hole & extremely rustic, The view was awesome as it didn’t have a roof or a front door, only a rope going across the front entrance for some reason! It did have toilet paper as it maintained by the forest service. It reminded me of the OK corral.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

Like Bob said, boot camp had several of these.

Bob Godfrey
4 years ago

Sort of reminds me of basic training in 1967 for the US Army. Barracks facilities had no dividers whatsoever.

5 years ago

Nope – it is a men’s restroom. I guess if it were a women’s, if the stall was available I would use it.The one out in the open only if the outside door locked.

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