A simple explanation of installing and using RV LED bulbs


This is likely the best video we’ve come across that explains the differences between LED and the standard incandescent bulbs that come with most RVs. So many videos like this are complicated and hard to understand. This one by long-time RVtravel.com reader, and now contributor, Wolfe Rose, is easy to follow. It explains the two different types of bulbs including the cost of purchasing and using them.


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Tommy Molnar

We replaced all our bulbs with LEDs. They cost a bit more but (as John above stated) if you shop on-line you can find affordable replacements. I got mine from Joe at “Cabin Bright” on-line. When you boondock as much as we do, this is a lifesaver.

Also, like John mentioned, when we removed our light covers, the sockets all had black burn-like smudges around them. Heat! Using a digital multi-meter, you can test the difference between turning on a conventional light and an LED. Huge difference in power drain.

John Goodell

1. Another good reason for using LED’s is to avoid the heat that incandescent bulbs produce. After a few years of heavy use I found that many of my fixtures had a ‘scorched’ appearance around the bulb. Maybe this is not too damaging, or maybe it is not important, but I think it shortens the life of the fixture. LED’s won’t generate enough heat to cause this and since the fixtures are very light weight plastic I thought this was a very good thing! This also applies to a few 110v AC fixtures in my trailer.
2. I found LED’s at the RV store to be VERY expensive, but much cheaper on Amazon, more like your prices.
3. I also found there is a difference in the light output, and sometimes the LED’s are TOO BRIGHT! You have to pay attention to the brightness by comparing the LUMENS.