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I would like readers to know that in 40 years of RVing we had a first. The KOA of St. AUgustine offered a discount to teachers, doctors and nurses! I wish other campgrounds would follow to recognize these folks.

Al & Sharon

You provided some seriously misleading information about campsites and campgrounds inside Yellowstone NP. The vast majority of campsites are by reservation through the Yellowstone Lodge. Many of the campsites in campgrounds that are first come first serve are have length restrictions. Here is a link to the NP web page with details on the various campgrounds. https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/campgrounds.htm

John Hiler

When we balance the budget by reducing the National Park Service everything will be just wonderful…

Elizabeth Christian

I travel with three sight hound dogs, all on the large size. On my latest trip, my whippet was seriously injured in a dog fight. I needed a vet immediately. I wish this news letter had a section on really good vets that are experienced and not over charging like the emergency vet hospitals do.
I highly recommend for the Black Diamond, Coventon, or kent area Sawyer Lake Veterinary Hospital. Both Lady Doctors are excellent, able, competent, and knowledgeable. Moderate pricing and respectful of the pet owners needs.

These two items should be a part of both your pet and human emergency kit. Both items are natural and used world wide.
From New Zealand, 100% Manuka Honey. Works as a cleaner of infection and a healing agent.
From your weed patch, leaves from the weed Plantago plant. I picked up some of these leave at an RV park in Idaho, to dry, store, and use as needed in the winter. Simple to us. Pick leaves, Prince with water, Pat dry with paper towel, scrunch a little, place over cleaned wound, secure with bandaids or other bandage. It will look worse before looking better.
Testimonial. Honey cleared. Infected skin on my hand and dogs neck. Plantago /plantain (not a banana like plant.) Healed and kept dry major surgery on paw. I was amazed and became a believer.

May I hope you will start adding this kind of Resourses to the news letter.

Terry Ziesman

Your comment that there was no Walmart around so the stores on Mainstreet were still open bothers me. Amazon has done as much to destroy brick and mortar shopping as anyone else.

James S. Soper

Come on down to Casper. You can park on my RV pad in my back yard!


In regards to Mark Polk’s tech tip about plug in digital voltmeter & measure polarity & also measure AC frequency! I looked at 6 pages of digital meters & none of them were plug in that would do all of the above. I for sure would like to see a quality one that would plug into a motor home & camp pedestal

Richard Thelen

It is hard for me to believe that you would publish the article on Michigan Park increases in your newsletter when it is obviously a farce. This article belongs in the Joke of The Week category. It doesn’t require a lengthy thought process to realize that this proposal would be impossible to manage. Hopefully none of your readers believe this article to be real.

Bob Edgarton

This comment is about dish and glass storage in cabinets: I was concerned about drinking glasses getting broken while traveling, so I used six-pack carriers to hold glasses and prevent them from tipping over. For coffee mugs, I used the drink carriers offered at fast food restaurants.


Keep up the good work…really enjoy your letters. Via con dios.

Lew McCool

I can’t believe you are so close to the path of totality but won’t make the effort to get there. A total eclipse addict recently was quoted saying that the difference between a near-total eclipse and a total was like the difference between a near-death experience and death. A college friend and I agreed to meet for this eclipse while in college 52 years ago. I’ve driven from southern Colorado; he’s come from Mississippi. We await totality at Guernsey State Park, WY.