Sunday, October 2, 2022


Add awning sun blockers to keep cool on steamy afternoons

Dropdown awning sunscreen

By Bob Difley

In most campgrounds you are relegated to a defined pad to park your RV, and often it is not oriented the way you would like it to provide the best shade when a hot summer sun beats down on you.

In the desert and where that sun is not blocked by trees or hills, you know that the low late afternoon sun can get quite scorching when it shines in under your awning, making relaxing after a hard day of hiking intolerable.

You can stay cooler longer – and keep the sun out of your eyes – with an awning drop-down sun blocker, a see-through screen that effectively cuts the heat and brightness while still offering visibility.

Sun blocker awnings slide into the empty slot at the front of your awning and drop down to become a sunscreen. The open weave of the fabric cuts approximately 85% of the sun’s light to keep you cool and comfortable.

You can find sun blockers in black, tan and white depending on your preference and in various styles on

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