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Thank you for letting us know about Outdoor Adventure. We too had a really bad experience with them. I did read the attorney generals letter and realize all of it happened to us with one thing missing. Their security team. It was like living under some communist regimen. What I mean is that if your camper is not parked right they can ask you to leave the premises with a warning violation. I was like what? We all have to have our campers a certain way? Wow. The nazi police as I call them were so bad we cancelled our membership with a lawsuit if they did not cancel us. Need to get a hold of AG.

Jarrett Pack

A very informative newsletter.Thank you.


I’ve been with you since the days of “Out West”. Your weekly newsletter is ALWAYS thought-provoking. The fact that comments from readers with a wide range of opinions are included each week is ample evidence of your “objectivity”. There is nothing more stimulating than a good live face-to-face discussion among folks who disagree but respect each other. Alas, I believe the internet has done us a disservice by allowing some people to disregard common courtesy and civility because they can be “anonymous” and not held accountable for statements that go far beyond the bounds of “disagreement”.

Bill J

Just a comment on your ad for an item called Angry Mama. I checked it out on Amazon, as you suggested, and found that it has almost universally terrible reviews.


Herb Zechman

The “Wingman” is right on!!! Campsites will get easier to find as a plus !! The misfortune of many is very troubling!!!!

Darrell Albers

Please, when you use an acronym list what it means!
What is “TPMS”?


In response to Ken who accused Chuck of dictating what readers can say – as I recall some months ago Chuck’s reminder was more about HOW to express one’s opinion. This is a good reminder to all of us and much needed these days.

ps, Chuck, while you were called liberal and a smart ass, at least Ken didn’t play the age card. ?