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Add a MORryde sliding cargo tray to your RV’s basement storage

Are you looking to add an RV sliding cargo tray that makes storage access easy, even in hard-to-reach compartments of your RV? Trays glide smoothly on ball-bearing slides that pull out toward you. For this project, I recommend MORryde trays, which come fully assembled with carpeting already installed.

Today I caught up with the guys at my shop, California RV Specialists, installing this cargo tray riser kit on this Solitude 2021.

Here’s what you’ll need to install MORryde sliding cargo trays:

Raise your RV storage system with a cargo tray extender. This easy-to-install kit gives your sliding tray the extra height it needs to clear the lip of your basement compartment.


  • Height adjustments (1.625″, 2.5″, 2.8″, 3.125″)
  • 800 lb. weight capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Works with all MORryde Cargo Trays
  • Each kit includes 6 riser brackets

A two-way travel system on 90-inch models lets you slide out cargo from either side of your vehicle.

Example sliding cargo tray sizes

These trays come in 60″ and 90″ depths and range from 20″, 26″, 29″, 33″, 36″, 39″, 42″, 48″ and 52″ widths.

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Dustin Simpson
Dustin Simpsonhttps://calrvspecialists.com/
I have worn many hats in the RV industry through the years. From an RV Technician, Warranty Administrator, Parts Administrator, Parts Manager, Service Manager and now Business Owner. I have even been deemed an RV Expert by the California court system, working on behalf of the customers, dealers, and manufacturers. My repair facility has been servicing customers at the same location since 2003. What sets us apart from the dealerships is we are here to fix and maintain what you have, and not sell you a new one. Whether you own a million-dollar unit or an entry level, my message to you will be the same, it needs to be maintained.


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Brenda Bilton (@guest_240311)
5 months ago

We installed one a few years ago. While it adds weight, I think the benefits of being able to access the contents of our fifth wheel far outweighs 😉 it. Harming our backs or other injuries while stretching to pull things out is a danger, especially as we age.

Vince Sheridan (@guest_240251)
5 months ago

I reckon basement organizers and cargo sliding kits might add a degree of convenience but all that comes at the cost of weight. Is the juice really worth the squeeze?

Gary G (@guest_240269)
5 months ago
Reply to  Vince Sheridan

You are ahead of me with this question! I installed one in our fifth wheel, removed it too much weight and not enough benefits.

Wayne C (@guest_240301)
5 months ago
Reply to  Gary G

I had the opposite experience. Yes, it adds weight but for me it makes my fifthwheel basement much more functional. No more reaching to get to the “stuff” in the middle. Also i can store flat things underneath and long items along the sides. I also use it as a work surface. My trailer has enough cargo carrying capacity to easy handle the extra weight but GVWR definitely is something to consider.

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