Sunday, October 2, 2022


Airstream film takes you back in time

You’ll love this — a promotional film from Airstream from 40 years ago. If you own an Airstream trailer, you will thoroughly enjoy this. But even if you are not an Airstream owner, this 20-minute film will transport you back to a simpler time. How many times will you ever see a film with an elephant walking by an American recreational vehicle? You’ll see it here.

The film is about the adventure an Airstream represents to each owner. “The open road is to him, what the open range is to a mustang,” the narrator explains. “Building dreams is our business.”

“No matter where you are you will eat like a gourmet,” he continues. “You can bake biscuits high in the Canadian Rockies or enjoy plenty of ice cubes in your drinks when you’re traveling in the desert.” As he talks, Airstreams roll through exotic locations around the world, even by the Great Pyramids.

This vintage documentary is entertaining. It’s fun!



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Otto Bussanmas
8 months ago

Too bad you can’t get the same quality & workmanship now

Dave Helgeson
2 years ago

Great memories – My first paying job in the RV industry was to rewind and start this film (every 20 minutes) on a forward facing projector at an RV show in the then Seattle Coliseum. The year was 1968 and I was paid a $1 per hour!

2 years ago
Reply to  Dave Helgeson

1968 makes more sense than “40 years ago” or 1980.

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