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Amazing Dawn Powerwash uses less water – a huge benefit to RVers

This stuff is amazing. Really. Amazing! I’ll admit that when I first saw the television commercial for Dawn Platinum Powerwash™ Dish Spray, I was skeptical. I think I may have even grimaced and shuddered a bit. It just didn’t seem right to spray a bit of the stuff onto our greasy plates, wipe ‘em down, and then rinse and dry. I guess I equated this kind of mostly dry-dish-cleaning to when our kids let the dog lick plates “clean” before they’d stick the dishes into the dishwasher. Yuck!

But then I tried it. Yes, I plunked down almost five bucks for one pint (16 oz.) of the “miracle mixture.” I may have even grimaced and shuddered a bit at the checkout. But I could hardly wait to try it! And it worked! Dawn’s Powerwash made the greasy residue from our grilled burgers melt right off the plates. The next night’s steak kabob mess was clean in record time, too. What a game changer!

Here are some ways Dawn Powerwash will benefit RVers:

  • Boondockers will use so much less water when using this product. So. Much. Less.
  • Steak- and burger-griller aficionados will no longer dread cleaning the greasy B-B-Q grill grates.
  • The family’s appointed “washer of the dishes” can quickly finish the job and join the rest of the gang.
  • Breakfast bacon-grillers will volunteer to clean the griddle. It’s that easy.
  • Cleaning the greasy splatters on your stovetop and countertops will be a breeze.

Faux “power wash”

Five bucks worth of product didn’t last very long. That’s when I decided to look for “knock-off” recipes I could make for myself. Here’s what I found on the web:

To remove the top of the Dawn Powerwash sprayer, you turn it just a quarter turn. Why reuse the bottle? Because just like the bottle tops on foaming hand soap dispensers, the type/amount of spray needed for cleaning works best with the original bottle nozzle. It also saves one more item from ending up in the landfill.

Pour a half-cup of regular Dawn dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into the bottle. Then very slowly fill the bottle with water. (Add water slowly because it tends to bubble… and bubble and bubble!) Once the bottle is full, twist the top until it clicks into place. Then gently swirl the bottle to mix the ingredients together. So far, this “knock-off” recipe seems to work well.

Some cautions

Do not use Dawn Powerwash or the faux recipe on cast iron pans. Yes, the cleaner will remove grease, but it will also remove any seasoning you’ve done to the pan.

Never add bleach to Dawn Powerwash, its “knock off” recipe, or any dish detergent, for that matter. Why? It turns out that most dish detergents contain an organic form of ammonia (amines). When mixed with bleach, it creates a dangerous gas called chloramine. When this gas is released into the air, it’s toxic.

You can buy a bottle and refill here. See if you like it as much as I do before trying the knock-off recipe!

This is my new favorite item to put on my RV packing list. What’s yours?


Dirty RV? Forget cleaning supplies – all you need is this kitchen item



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6 months ago

Just saying, anyone heard of using paper plates, your camping right? Though if we’re lucky enough to afford a steak, we do use a real plate, but usually lick it clean, so much easier to clean that way!

8 months ago

Better way to fill the bottle and not have to deal with foaming. Fill the bottle, pour off the amount of water in a measuring cup. Mark the bottle with the proper levels and no more fighting with the foam. Easy smeazy.

Dawn Shindledecker
10 months ago

I have been using this as well as a 48 oz pump spray washer that really helps with saving water

1 year ago

This is an outstanding product – especially for cleaning grills or anything greasy. Don’t wet it – just spray, wait a few minutes, wipe and rinse! Watch the grease boil itself off! Would probably work great on engines as well!!!

1 year ago

I’ve been using this stuff for a good year now, at home and in the trailer! Totally love it! And if you carry coffee in a thermos, and it gets that dark coat of coffee stain inside it, just squirt a bit of this Dawn Power Wash in it, add some water, cap it off and shake it up. Let it sit for a while. Then pour the yucky mixture out, rinse well, and it looks brand new inside it!

Roger Marble
1 year ago

Why the alcohol?

I am thinking of using homemade “power-wash” on the Awning and side of RV. Using a clean pump sprayer.

Retired Firefighter Tom
1 year ago
Reply to  Roger Marble

Careful. Might damage fabric or plastic coating on awning.

Larry Lee
1 year ago

My eyeglasses get dirty in just a few days. I don’t dare just wipe them with even a soft cloth since they scratch easily even though I pay extra for the non-scratch version.
Once I tried this product I was sold. Cleans the glasses clear as new without any cloth contact.

1 year ago

We have it at the kitchen sink at home and in the trailer since I first found it. I too was skeptical, until I tried it. I wish they made a true “free” version, but the slight pear scent of the clear version is a huge improvement for me over the original scent.
I used it a couple of weeks ago to save a brand new t-shirt, which I spilled cooking oil on while refilling our squirt bottles for the trailer.
I use it (at home) to wash cat litterboxes. Seems to do a better job than anything else I’ve tried, and it takes less to rinse it off.

Susan T
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrea

I tried the original when It first came out and could not handle the smell, I gave it to my sister. Thanks for the info that they have a new “free” version. I will try it again!

1 year ago

Has anyone used it on cars?

1 year ago
Reply to  Drew

Dish soap should never be used on a car. Study’s have found the ingredients in dishwasher soap all dull the clearcoat.

Nanci Dixon
1 year ago

I first thought that the Dawn Powerwash was just another gimmick to sell us more unneeded stuff. My husband, who never shops but actually watch’s the TV commercials bought some. Great for boondocking! Learned to spray lightly or takes a lot of water to rinse off.

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