Sunday, October 2, 2022


Another incredibly weird RV. Have you seen it?

Here’s another RV that we are absolutely sure never rolled off an assembly line — at least one that manufacturers recreational vehicles.

We received the photo from reader Linda Kreimeyer, who wrote:

“In August I was going up to the Rio Grande Reservoir between Creede and Lake City, Colorado. I had pulled over to let a heavy work truck go by, and then saw this strange thing coming towards me on the road.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’ve been RVing for 50 years and have seen many strange homemade RV’s but nothing like this! As it passed, I decided it had been a jet fighter. I  spent the night at a River Hill campground just up the road and was told it had spent the night there the previous night. Yes, it was licensed and road worthy. My cousins saw it near the Tetons in Wyoming.”

Do you know anything about this unusual vehicle? Let us know.

And thank you, Linda, for sharing this with us!



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Richard Robbins
2 years ago

Saw this motorhome heading East on US60 in Gold Canyon, AZ 2nd week of January, 2020.

Buddy Overby
2 years ago

Met the guy who is building this. He said he started on it in 1982 and called it a work in progress. Built on a Chevy truck chassis. Believe it or not no airplane parts. Built out of conduit and sheet metal. Wal Mart parking lot in Dumas, Tx.

Rick Anderson
2 years ago

Saw it in a turnout on southbound AZ95, just south of Stone Cabin. About 4PM, Wednesday January 15, 2020.

2 years ago
2 years ago

I saw it in Lake City, FL. last Spring.
I have pictures of it at Walmart and on Highway 90!I don’t see where I can post the pictures.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago

Hi, Carol. Thanks for your inquiry. Here is where you can submit photos: Can’t wait to see them! Thanks! 😀 —Diane at

Douglas D Hinman
2 years ago

this RV was recently parked at the parking lot just before you go into Los Algodones Mexico. it was posted on a blog from a Canadian that was just coming out of mexico. so I guess it gets around, the blog is Chillin with Patsy, that is the link to the page for another photo of the rig.

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