Article and Video: Why Camping World is not an RVer’s friend


By Chuck Woodbury
If you have read this newsletter for long, you know how disturbed, even angry I am about Camping World, which is doing all it can to force buyers into 15- and 20-year loans on the purchase of new RVs.

I do not like what Camping World has become — a money grubbing machine for its CEO Marcus Lemonis. He has all but dismantled the once RVer-friendly Good Sam Club, and has cut competition from RV dealers by buying up existing RV dealerships to turn them into Camping Worlds, where the sale of an RV is incidental to earning huge sums of money on over-priced warranties and interest on even cheap RVs for 15 to 20 years. You want to pay cash or finance an RV on your own? Be prepared to pay a higher price for the rig.

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Most RVers who finance those RVs will be upside down on their loans for the life of the loan, or darn close to it, and when they decide to trade them in 5 or 10 years they learn they’ll need to come up with extra cash – sometimes thousands of dollars – $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more is not uncommon. So they keep their RVs because they can’t afford to buy a new one.

Look at the example above. In theory, that cheap Thor motorhome above might go 5 to 10 years without any major problems. But, like I said, that’s “in theory.” They are never meant to last very long. Read comments from Thor owners at and at the Better Business Bureau to learn more. Often, there are problems right from the first. But Camping World pushes Thor RVs out the door as fast as it can.

Please watch the video from The RV Show USA radio program (as it was recorded on Facebook), where host Alan Warren interviews RV dealer Kevin Frazer, who is an outspoken critic of Camping World and its high pressure tactics. You will find it fascinating! After watching, forward it to anyone you know who’s planning to buy an RV. You will be doing them a huge favor.

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  1. Do not buy from Camping World, they will kiss your ass to buy it make all kinds of promises, and soon as you leave there lot all bets are off, please don’t make the mistake of buying anything at Camping World.

  2. Be aware no matter who you use. We purchased from Holiday World and basically saw the same thing, however we led them to beleive we would finace the Class A unit while getting our walk out price set and wound up paying cash in the finance office. They were very unhappy with us!

    • Remember! anytime you are purchasing a car, rv, boat etc.. it is none of the dealerships business how you are going to pay until you have a walk out price you agree with. Never show your cards and always give them the impression that you have many options for making the purchase. This way the price will not be determined on whether they will make a ton of money on interest.

  3. We have bought 4 RV’s from the only full service dealer in Manassas, Va. Then it was REINES RV. Deals were OK, but their service was so slow we missed many of our trips. They always told us they couldn’t find enough mechanics!! we had to wait weeks for service.
    Camping world bought them in 2016 and I was thrilled as I loved their stores and the fact that I could get service anywhere in the country. After our trip to Florida this spring we had some service issues. In late June I took the rig in to our new Manassas camping world for service warranty fixes. I was told service was busy and it will be 2 MONTHES before they can get to it!! WHEN I MADE THE LAST INQUIREY ON 8/16 THEY HAVE NOT EVEN ORDERED THE PARTS NEEDED BUT THEY HOPE TO SERVICE IT IN EARLY September!! Their reason, they do not have enough mechanics!!
    I will buy supply items from CW, But I will NOT buy another RV from them.

  4. I have never met a dealer that was concerned about me being under water because all they cared about was closing the deal!

  5. Whatever you do don’t go to generalrv in Novi, mi. They treat you the same way camping world did. We had a rude sales person quick to sign papers and quick to get you out the door. Never a thank you for buying a $100,000 machine? I suggest to find a little mom & pop dealer and be happy. Please don’t go to general rev or used salesperson Dan.

  6. Our salesman was terrific. We’ve known him for several years and he’s a great guy I would trust in any situation. However, ours was the last RV he sold as he retired right afterwards. The service department wasn’t so great. We drove three hours each way to pick up our 5th wheel and told them what time we would be there. They hadn’t done a single thing to it since getting it from the factory. They had to hurry to do something and wouldn’t let us in to see it. We went to lunch and came back. Fortunately this isn’t our first 5th wheel so my husband knows how to use and fix it. Later we ordered a part and the parts guy was pretty good. I talked to him on a Friday and he said the part was in. Saturday we drove the three hours each way again and they couldn’t find the part. I said I just talked to (I forgot his name) and he said it was here. They said on Saturday he doesn’t work here anymore (they were changing managers and I guess he was a casualty) and the parts department is locked. My husband noticed a box sitting in the area which was about the right size. He suggested several times that they look in the box. He finally got a little huffy and they looked in the box. Lo and behold it was the part! We have yet to find a Camping World service department that is any good. I could go on but I won’t.

    • I agree. Our Camping World in Lowell, AR is the pits. Took my fifth-wheel there with a refrigerator error code and their solution was to buy a new refer. I said okay and the new one had the same error code, so they ordered another refer. After driving ways and setting up – same code reading. They offered to order another refer but I took it to a local Mom and Pop dealer and he said it could not be the refer. Instead he check the circuitry and found that it was a bad inverter – cost $166.00. This was after spending 3 months in the shop at Camping World with a cost of almost $3,000.00. And like your experience, it seemed each time I went in there was new personnel. Even after the ordeal, a new parts manager called me stating that my bill was unpaid, even though I had my paid receipt. I was thrilled when they opened this store, but not anymore. Will not go to Camping World again, unless it is a last ditch-effort!

  7. so, we gave camping world 2 tries for service work and both times HUGELY disappointed, in fact, we were outright lied to on second try. we’ll never go back there again, and now, I urge anybody with an RV to boycott this crap hole, since mr. Lemonis (CEO) found it necessary to advise all conservatives not to shop at his stores – I promise, that I NEVER, go near camping world, ever…

  8. Chuck, I commend you for this. I’d drifted away from your writing a few years ago, thinking that you’d become a shill for the industry. So pleased that you’re telling the truth about the biggest frog in the pond. I try to share this stuff on “noob” forums and elsewhere. It’s clear (to me) that he intends to sell off his interest when things go bad. Very short-term business model.

  9. We traded in a too-small Pleasure-Way for a just-right-size 2012 Itasca Reyo 25T mini-Class A. Got what we wanted on the Pleasure-Way (payoff amount). Got a great price on the Reyo but we had spotted it on RVTrader and did not just walk onto the lot. In fact, we drove from Las Vegas to Mesa, AZ to see it. Another thing we did is have it fully inspected by both RVIA and Wholesale Warranties. Mesa Camping World resolved every issue the inspector found including a set of new Cooper LT tires. Transaction went off without a hitch.

  10. A couple years ago we traded in our smaller “couple” trailer at CW for a much larger trailer to fit several “fullsize” adopted kids.  Since it was winter (when many RV shows are, here), the water system was winterized, the roof was icey/snowcovered (and probably brittle to get on to inspect). I had them write into the contract that anything not functional or perfect WOULD be fixed by them once warmer. They included a pile of free services (de/winterize, storage, several hundred in store credit once we use the unit, etc)… All good???

    Unfortunately the unit had a lot of hidden damage (including water damage they covered but left leaking), and ALL the various free services and location-only gift cards became worthless a couple weeks after the sale when that location abruptly closed.  Other CW locations washed their hands of making good on ANY of their franchises’ misdeeds. The manager who MADE the deal moved to another CW location, and still refused to honor anything. If there could be an example of NOT standing behind a sale, they did it.  

    Since then, I’ve gotten really familiar with interior panels, replacing UV-baked roof vents, roof sealants and eternabond tape! You could say I got an education in RV buying at CW…

  11. I purchased my TT from CW 3 years ago. The purchase price was competitive. I love my TT but I gave up on CW after my first camping trip. I had a leak on the gray water tank. Dropped it off on the way home from our trip. Picked it up a week later and nothing had been done. After that I had A/C problems and could not get anyone in the service department to even talk to me. Fortunately I found a certified tech who has a shop two miles from me who has taken care of any problems that I have had under warranty. What would take weeks to get CW to even look at, my tech normally fixes (correctly) in a few hours. I stopped wasting my time with CW.

  12. A Customer called to ask me to repair his tankless water heater, he told me he just had it fixed at CW, but it still doesn’t work, I found out CW had installed jumpers around the safety thermostats, plus he had them install a new power converter, they did not replace the old power converter, they just wired a new one in, didn’t even unplug the old one. I found the old still working, just needed a fuse! Every day I have to fix CW repairs. Please make sure the Technician is certified!

  13. Buyer Beware should always be the mantra. We almost purchased from CW years ago, but after taking several days to make a decision, on the 3rd day and visit back to the motorhome in question, the salesperson rudely told us we had to make a decision! I knew that, but her attitude turned me off and we didn’t buy. Best decision we made. Their financing policy isn’t what concerns me, but instead their monopoly of the RV industry! They are taking over everywhere and their service is not good, not because I know personally, but what form what I’ve read. Plus, Lemonis’s comment on Trump supporters! Well, we go out of our way to shop somewhere else. A friend of ours left a current RV dealership because of CW buying it. Then when he opened his own mobile service, CW threatened him if he did work on their units for their customers. He settled that by opening a separate business.

    • Renee,
      We Trump supporters should make an effort to let CW know that is for sure one of the reasons we wont do business with them.

  14. So ~~ I make 2 dealer calls out of the area and visit a dealer 1 3/4 hours from CW. 2 hits on my credit report. ALL 3 offer 15 & 20 year loans like CW. Asked all 3 about financing a no trade 5er deal. Same response from all 3 when asked about financing; “how much being put down and where do you want your payment to be?”. The 3rd stated “a check for $XXXX and the payment will be lower than you asked for” a few more questions and “240 months”. High pressure at 2 like a NEVER felt at CW. So ~~ CW is bad because it is no different than others?

    • You’re right, which is why I said Buyer Beware. The only place that I have personal experience with in limiting length of financing was our credit union. Thanks to them, our FW will be paid in full in 17 months. Yes, I’m counting. Yes, we’re keeping it. Yes, it’s a high quality unit.

    • Captn John, Did you think to call a bank or credit union? Why just RV dealers? I doubt you will ever get your best rate there.

      Here’s what every buyer should know: Don’t finance for 20 years! Period! Camping World strong arms buyers into accepting sucker terms. They’re pros. Buyers are not. Others dealers, some at least, are likely forced to offer similar terms. Yeah, in a perfect world the newbie RVers would know better what they are getting into. But it’s not a perfect world and people buy on impulse and get suckered.

      • If you can get a 20 year loan and a low monthly payment at a low interest rate, why not take it.?
        That is what I did after getting a good sale price.
        (I did not buy from Camping World)
        Then I paid 2 or 3 payments a month. Sometimes 1 payment each month.
        That way I could control the resulting length of the loan and enjoy the low interest rate.
        I paid the loan off in 7 years.
        Right ? Wrong ? I felt very comfortable with the results.

        • Chip, that works for you, but understand that most people who stretch our their payments for 20 years can’t afford to double or triple pay like you. Just about any financing can work for anybody, but for most people stretching out loans for a long time is about the monthly payment — how low it is — and that’s what they can afford and nothing more. And think about that — 20 years! That’s ridiculous on a depreciating asset unless someone can pay off the loan early like you.

  15. Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of CW won’t see any more of my business! This includes Good Sam, their warranty program, their repairs, etc. When you own a huge corporation like this, you don’t go running your mouth about the president of the United States! Aside from the fact that they routinely cheat consumers with their financial plans, it seems Lemonis has no love for people who voted for Trump and does not need our business. So be it! I received a cold call the other day from Good Sam asking for my membership renew and I explained just why I would not be doing any more business with CW. The same went for the NFL package from Directv. They won’t see my money anymore either! Bottom line, like someone else on here stated, we are grown adults and need to decide who gets our money and who doesn’t!

  16. Remember a few years back a tire blowout had destroyed my propane lines I stopped by CW west of Houston and was told “there is a 3 weeks waiting line” I said but I am in DEEP trouble… Sorry sir we have a 3 weeks waiting line… went back a mile west to Holiday World They said they where verry busy but would see what they could do… Service manager discussed with the counter clerk… asked me if I was ready rignt then… said yes… he told me we are taking you in, repair should take 4-5 hours… THAT IS WHAT I CALL SERVICE !

  17. I knew all about all the bad PR of CW so it was buyer beware when we went in to CW just to look. We were just going to give them our name and what we were looking for, they had just gotten in the unit that we eventually bought. While looking inside and outside at the coach, I nosed through the owners manual, found the name and telephone number of the previous owner, called him talked to his wife for about 5 or 6 minutes. I found out what they gave them on trade in on a new MH so I offered them $8000 less than they were asking and told them I talked to the previous owner that traded in the day before, had not cleaned it up and they took my offer since I had made the telephone call. They probably didn’t know I had nosed through the owners manual but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Have been very pleased with our Minnie Winnie.

  18. I’m a big believer in free enterprise, which by definition includes buyer beware. This does make it difficult for many people, but some things you just have to learn the hard way.
    My dislike of CW comes from the time they tried to buy an independent dealership who for years had been the major supporter of several local (I believe) equestrian events. When the owner wouldn’t sell, they went after her sponsorships and suppliers. I don’t remember the whole story or the details, but I’m pretty sure that RV TRAVEL reported on it.
    I have no problem setting up next door, but bullying your suppliers into cutting you off crosses a line.

    • Interesting. That’s exactly what happened to one of our local dealers and one of their employees. They let them keep their name and when the employee left because they didn’t want anything to do with CW, CW went after them in their new RV business. He has since gotten around it legally, but what a bunch of ****!

  19. I purchased a used Newmar from camping world in Spartanburg,SC.I paid cash with my trade.They were great with only a few issues that came up on the walk thru before I laid any money down on the.This CW has a very good google review,many of them don’t.
    The video has been around awhile and it’s just a sales add for wolverines rv.While he say is maybe true about CW financing,no one is holding a gun to anybody.The young buyers today need more education on dealing in the F and I office.Thats big profits for the dealer.

  20. Interesting comments. I was in CW yesterday to buy a vent cover for my Fantastic Vent. Their price was very comparable to my research on the internet to other suppliers. The benefit was that I could have it NOW. My wife and I strolled all of the aisles…and WOW….we know prices, an would never buy any of that junk. Lots of low quality “RV” stuff you can buy without the “RV” label anywhere at a much lower price. We luckily only bought one item.

  21. Went to CW to purchase a start/run cap for our A/C. Service manager did not even get out of his chair. Instead, wanted to sell me a new A/C. Later, bought the needed part at LazyDays in Tucson, where they were actually interested in what I wanted, looked up the part number, and went out into the warehouse to get one off the shelf. $28 later, A/C very happy.

  22. Chuck,
    I enjoy your newsletter, but I have to say blackballing CW in the same issue you point to Wall Drug’s finding a niche market is a bit ironic. It seems that we in America always blame someone else. Part of it is probably that we need to have Personal Finance taught in the school systems from first grade on, but still, it is not anyone’s right to own an RV. It is a privilege and if it cannot be afforded, then don’t do it.

    I say this from experience. It took me years to figure that out, always buying things on credit. Then it hit me. I don’t have to have that and now I only pay cash including my cars and travel trailer.

    I will get off my high horse, but CW saw a niche and they have filled it. Period. Don’t like it? Don’t shop there. They will get the message.

    • Gary, sorry, but I must disagree with your comment.

      At least IMO, part of Chuck’s mission is to review, analyze, and comment on trends in the RV industry – both positive and negative.

      In the case of CW, Chuck is simply stating his opinion that their practice of pushing extended-term financing will become a negative for many buyers.

      Of course, readers may agree or disagree with Chuck’s positions; however, I, for one, am glad he has the courage to alert his readers on what he considers to be potentially problematic practices and products.

  23. Purchased my used Aliner from RV Max, who was bought out by Camping World. Thought things would get better, instead things got worse. CW may sell Aliners, but they hate to service them and they don’t have the parts to repair them. Now I use Carriage House and Princess Craft RV. Now I worry about those warranties…

  24. Buy only small products there that are competitively priced. My go to is directly from the manufacturer, Amazon or Walmart (online, free delivery to local store). Our CW has some very good floor staff, just too few of them. The service counter staff are terrible. You can wait a long time just to be told that they are waiting for a shipment, it’s only available online, etc. I would never use CW to purchase/service a motorhome/trailer. Always work with a local independent for service needs.

  25. While I agree the the buyer has to bear some personal responsibility, it is also reasonable to expect ethical behavior from the sellers. For instance, I believe that it would have been ethical for the CW salesman I dealt with to have informed me that the coach I bought had not only been used as a rental vehicle, but was in fact, originally built by Thor as a rental unit for Camping World. I also consider that when the finance person I was talking to found out I was considering using my local credit union, told me that she knew, FOR A FACT that my credit union did not make rv loans. She also stated that if I did use the credit union, I could only get a personal loan at a high interest rate. This of course turned out to be a lie. Very unethical as far as I am concerned. If someone wants to buy from CW, fine. Just make sure you do your homework ahead of time.

  26. We bought our used 2007 Sunline Solaris from Camping World, Hanover, PA. We love our camper. However, we use a local RV repair service for any repairs so we don’t deal with their service department and we paid cash for it so it is not financed. I would never buy new campers.

  27. The old CW was mostly company stores and treated RVers well, and responded to complaints to make us happy. Now most of their locations are franchised dealers, and the good dealers may still be good but the crappy ones are even crappier. We bought our last motorhome at CW in Syracuse, NY, and were very happy with the deal and the service. So, we still go to CW but not until checking the parking on satellite and often don’t find what we want. Most telling, Marcus Lemonis and his staff no longer answers our letters.

  28. I have been RVing long enough to remember when CW first came on the scene, and Good Sam was a good thing but they also built RV’s that were well made and meant to last.
    I recently chose to go back to full time because I love it. I bought older low mileage and Good Sam Road Service. And when someone comes up with a road service as dependable as GS I will change. It makes me ill to see what Lemonis is doing to the industry. In my opinion, the common denominator of the industry and the amount of us living full-time RV is GREED.

    • Coach Net is as or even more dependable as GS road side service. We have had both and now stay with Coach Net. Mainly because I dont want money on pocket of the CEO.

  29. We wanted a washer/dryer for our motorhome as it was all ready set up for separate units and the less than good experiences with campground laundry. CW had a sale on so we ordered the units and scheduled an installation appointment at our nearest CW in Nashville, TN. They installed the units then invited us to inspect them, they had removed the shelf that supported the dryer and installed a combination mounting kit that had the dryer mounted so high my wife, who is 5’2” couldn’t see inside the dryer (the kit would’ve cost approximately $200). We refused delivery and told them to put back like Newmar intended it to be, they grumbled about it but finally agreed to do it. Now my wife has no problem using the combination. That showed us how they use their tactics to rip people off. We are lifetime members of Good Sam but since Marcus Lemonis bought it the clubs benefits are not as good and if I could get my money back I would but I became a life member back in the 90s, but I know I haven’t ever got my money’s worth in club discounts. Live and learn, I haven’t shopped a CW since the above mentioned experience and don’t intend to shop there again.

  30. Bought my last 3 5ers at CW in Myrtle Beach . If I buy another it will come from there as well. Price and service before and after the sale has been great. I can only speak for 2 salespeople, 2 parts people, and a few others. Far from perfect but better than others I’ve been in contact with.

    You described the CW business model. Why put all the blame on CW when the buyer is in charge. People want everything now even if they cannot afford it. I don’t blame any company for giving customers what they want, even if the customer is making a stupid decision. Personally, I wish these had to be cash purchases to ease up on campsites.

  31. “force into a 20 year loan”. What did the salesman or finance manager do, lock the door. I doubt it. Why can’t people take responsibility for any contract they have agreed to. If you don’t like what they are selling go somewhere else. And by the way Camping World is a public company, Marcus Lemonis only holds a small amount of the overall shares. Chuck, You can join him as a money grubber if you want.

    • What do you include me as a money grubber, Doug? That is uncalled for. Please write me and tell me why you put me in the same category as Lemonis, who, by the way, will become a billionaire over his efforts with Camping World, Good Sam, and his dozens of other enterprises.

  32. Just untangled myself from a nasty situation with CW in Madison, WI while shopping for a new motorhome. After a number of phone and email conversations with the salesperson I was told that I couldn’t get their “absolutely lowest” price without completing their credit application and providing a credit card number for deposit to prove my ability to buy. Being a Realtor I likened this step to obtaining a “pre-approval” and didn’t see any harm in complying. I then received a text message with a “photo attachment” of very scattered hand-written notes about the MSRP of the unit, my trade value, discount and net price. A subsequent phone call revealed there would be additional charges for prep, delivery (factory to them, not to me) and $1,295 for something else. I let them know that I decided not to buy.
    For the next 2 days I received calls from their GM, at first low-key “sales pitches” to buy but then turning angry and threatening to keep my “deposit” since I had agreed to buy. I demanded he put his request in writing and forward it to me along with any “contract” that would bind me to this purchase, that scared him off but it’s clear they have used this technique to successfully trap more vulnerable consumers into a purchase. I have frequented a local CW for parts and accessories and have been a Good Sam member for years however I will never patronize them again knowing their business practices make off-shore telemarketing scams seem tame by comparison.

  33. 25 years ago when we bought our first trailer (not from CW), we got a life membership in the Good Sam Club. It seemed like the thing to do back then. Since then the whole aim of the ‘club’ has changed. If we didn’t already belong NOW, we wouldn’t join again. We’ve gotten very few bennies associated with our membership. Even when they get you a discount on fuel at certain truck stops, if you use GasBuddy you can probably do better just down the street at a local gas station.

  34. Have never bought an RV from CW but have had them replace our fridge. This was while on the road and they worked us in, allowed us to stay with elect. hookup in their lot for 2 days, and they also fixed a roof vent that had come loose (I knew it was loose) in the fridge compartment for free. They took good care of us and got us back on the road in 2+ days. The nearest rv repair couldn’t even see us for 2 weeks and then had to order the fridge. Not all CWs are equal.

  35. We have not bought an RV from CW, but we did purchase (and have them install) the tow package for our toad. They also installed a driveline disconnect (rather than a transmission pump) and it has all worked very well. This is at the CW in Lake Park, GA. We purchased the Good Sam membership by it saved a significant amount on this work. I guess not all CWs are equal. Our experience at this location has been very good. The work was done well and in a timely manner.

  36. We bought our current TT from Camping World. The buying experience was just fine, except upon delivery it didn’t have the spare tire as advertised. I had a copy of the ad and they made it right. Our problem was with warrany service. Problems were not taken care of, instead they were blown off as “normal” or they were repaired inadequately. I made the repairs myself and have not been back. I have never been happy with any RV dealer service (2 Camping World, 2 not).

    It’s pretty much buyer beware when it comes to financing, and I blame both the buyer and seller. Many didn’t expect to be upside down in their home during the last housing bubble, but they bought more than they could afford anyway without recognizing the risk. Same goes for RVs that will be worth far less than the loan right from the start (and it will only get worse during the life of the loan). My trade covered only 50% of the TT price. I asked about financing to get the price I wanted. Dealers usually get a commission on financing, and I wanted a bridge to the next year. The deal was I would keep the loan until year end. Since interest is collected on the outstanding balance, I paid plenty for not needing to come up with cash until the next year. All three of us (dealer, bank, buyer) got what we wanted.

    The bottom line is to keep our appetite in check. Know what we can afford and stick to it. Just because we are offered a 10 or 20 year loan, doesn’t mean we can’t negotiate a shorter term (say 5 years?). Try adding the total financing cost to the price of the RV and see if the purchase still makes sense. Tenting may be the way to go for young families. We bought ours at K Mart for $60 back in the day.

  37. Camping World also owns Gander Outdoors, formerly Gander Mountain. They’ve turned the inside of the store into an RV showroom. I recently visited the Grand reOpening of a local Gander Outdoors and was strong armed by the cashier to buy a Good Sam membership.

  38. I have not bought an RV from CW but I do buy items there. I shop for price or availability on items. I have never had a problem with CW. I have used their free (Good Sam Member) dump stations while traveling. I do most of my own maintenance so the only thing I need is parts and I shop those at the three RV companies here. I find that the local CW is pretty competitive.

  39. We made the mistake to sign for the 4300.00 service and 1000.00 tire service. Got home kept reading the contract, we canceled it. Took 1 month to get the 4300.00 back, 2 months for the tire funds. Keep in mind i paid finance charges on that money. But we signed, our fault.

    We have a travel trailer. Never needed the service.

    Finance company brought down the monthly charge too. No no no would take forever to pay off. We are making extra payments to payoff super early.

    In the mean time , while waiting for refund, doing research for items for the trailer. Always found them cheaper at Amazon, Walmart and other places. Thats even with the Good Sams discount. Do your research. Yeah membership is crap too.


    I rarely shop at Camping World, unless I absolutely have to have something that I cannot get at Walmart or another RV Dealership.

    The best way to describe Camping World is STAY AWAY FROM THIS RIP OFF Company!

  41. I bought an entry-level motor home from Camping World. The motor home was actually very good (build quality, equipment, finish, etc.) but the CW experience was a disaster. The supposed pre-delivery inspection missed a dozen routine items that should have been caught (e.g., the back-up camera feature of the Jensen radio wasn’t working), but the worst was I that CW set up the motor home to pull our toad, and everything they did was wrong. The transmission pump on the toad was spewing transmission fluid everywhere, the wiring on for the connections was wrong (the CW “tech” didn’t notice that activating either turn signal caused both brake lights to flash), and so on. After several trips back to get CW to fix the problems, I gave up and took the unit to an independent RV shop who had to start over and re-do everything.

  42. I never bought an RV from camping world, but we did purchase and have them install an awning. Bait and switch the whole way. If I had money for a lawyer, we would have fought it. $1500 for an awning that is completely not what we expected.

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