Sunday, October 2, 2022


Sharon Still

Sharon B. Still is a freelance journalist and outdoor enthusiast. While managing RV rental and repair businesses over the past decade, she has conducted hundreds of RV orientations to first-timers and provided solutions to renters' on-the-road questions and problems.

This man’s injury is proof you don’t want to camp near a hawk’s nest

When you are camping on their land, nesting animals, including hawks and other birds, view humans as predators, making attacks much more possible. With the...

How to avoid scams when buying an RV online

For some people, an RV scam may seem obvious, but with the thriving market and influx of newbies, potential starry-eyed RV buyers can talk...

Lightweight, portable seat and stool great for RVer or anyone on-the-go

A few hours into the 2021 Florida RV Super Show in Tampa, the salesman's spiel had me calling back to the shop to see...

Rent your RV to those affected by Hurricane Ida

That RV you have sitting in storage could be making you some extra cash and assisting those in need of temporary housing when a...

Reasons to try before you buy. Why renting an RV is a good idea

Motorhome owners commonly tell stories of how they started with a pop-up, moved to a fifth wheel within six months and are now driving...

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