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How to tell if your RV awning rail is coming loose, and how to fix it

During an inspection of a 2019 Grand Design Momentum in the shop, I found the awning rail coming loose at the roofline of the RV. In the video below, see the telltale sign that got me to inspect the rail, and see just how far the rail has come loose. I’ll also show you how to get the rail back in place.

Additional information for the RV awning rail DIY crew:

The fix is to tighten the rail back in place. To help with this, you can increase the size of the screw from a No. 8 to a No. 10. You can also drill additional mounting holes between the pre-drilled 6” areas. Here are the ones I used.

You can also install trifold rivets. Make sure to clean and reseal as needed on the top of the side rail with non-sag Dicor sealant.

Tip: Cut the Dicor bottle tip small and pinch it with pliers so it’s like a frosting tip. Then, slowly apply and knock down in place with the tip edge of the tube.

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Dustin Simpson
Dustin Simpson
I have worn many hats in the RV industry through the years. From an RV Technician, Warranty Administrator, Parts Administrator, Parts Manager, Service Manager and now Business Owner. I have even been deemed an RV Expert by the California court system, working on behalf of the customers, dealers, and manufacturers. My repair facility has been servicing customers at the same location since 2003. What sets us apart from the dealerships is we are here to fix and maintain what you have, and not sell you a new one. Whether you own a million-dollar unit or an entry level, my message to you will be the same, it needs to be maintained.


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9 days ago

Wondering what could have caused the rail to not only brake but swage out like that. A lot more going on, when Dustin pushed in the broken area a lot of the area was moving! That awning rail is also a drip rail. Would have been good to see what was under that rubber looking seal that was above the rail, most likely where the screw are.

Bob P
9 days ago

It would’ve been more informative to guesstimate what caused the awning rail to split and separate. Could it have been wind, traveling without having the awning locked securely in the retracted position. I lost an awning on my motorhome due to a cracked locking feature while traveling I 10 across LA in a 23mph crosswind.

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