Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Incredible drone footage captures Utah’s ‘backward’ waterfall

My husband and I have seen many, many waterfalls during our RV travels, but we’ve never seen anything like this! On January 16, RJ Hooper used his drone to capture the impossible: a video of a backward waterfall.

Incredible backward waterfall drone footage

Backward waterfalls are very unusual and therefore rarely photographed.

What is it?

A backward waterfall is just as the words describe. It occurs when the regular flow of the water is reversed due to unique circumstances. These rare circumstances cause the waterfall to flow backward/upward.

How does it happen?

A backward waterfall happens when the force of the wind against the cliffs creates an overwhelmingly strong updraft. The force is so strong that it overcomes the natural force of gravity, and the water is blown in an upward direction, rather than falling downward as usual.

Where to find this backward waterfall

Hooper was in Southwest Utah, near Ivins, when he deployed his drone. With winds estimated to be upwards of 60 mph, he was lucky to keep his drone in the air. (Image stabilization technology has really come a long way, huh?) Hooper commented, “Seriously, the most incredible day for such unique conditions.”

Next time you plan on visiting a waterfall on your RV travels, perhaps wait for a very windy day and you might just see your very own backward waterfall.


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1 month ago

Wonderful drone footage. Kudos to you for that share.

1 month ago

Gotta get SW Utah into my Bucket List.

Totally LOVE SE Utah, have always wanted to check out the other side, NOW more reason than ever.


Last edited 1 month ago by rottenrollin
1 month ago

Proof that, that RF does exist.

1 month ago

Even before clicking the link, I figured wind vs gravity had to be the cause, but it’s really cool to see theory in action…

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

Great footage from a drone. Probably couldn’t get it any other way to show it like this.

Neal Davis
1 month ago


Bob p
1 month ago

That waterfall will never be low on water.

1 month ago


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