Tuesday, September 27, 2022


No backyard? No problem! DoggieLawn is the perfect no-mow solution for RVers

If your pup, Fido or Fifi, is missing the backyard of their sticks-and-bricks home, bring it to them! DoggieLawn is an eco-friendly, real (yup, real) patch of grass that comes with you in the RV. If Fido hates going to the bathroom when you’re down in the Arizona desert, and Fifi doesn’t like going on the sands in Florida, DoggieLawn comes into play!

The DoggieLawn, size XL, on my balcony

This real patch of grass (roots, dirt and all) sits inside a plastic, waterproof shell. You can keep it outside at the campsite, or even inside your RV to replace wee-wee pads. DoggieLawn provides you with a small bottle of a pheromone spray, which you spray on the grass when it first arrives, so your pups know that that’s their place to “go.”

The patch of grass lasts for weeks, and since it’s real grass, it neutralizes odors. When Fifi goes #2, just pick it up with a bag like you would outside and drop it in the dumpster.

My dog, Astor, who, at first, enjoyed using DoggieLawn as a nice bed… She eventually got the hang of it!

DoggieLawn costs about $32 a shipment and ships for free anywhere in the continental U.S. And, when you purchase, you get two free months of telehealth from AskVet, which can be handy for RVing pups who are away from their home vets!

You can order it in a few sizes on Amazon, or you can visit the DoggieLawn website to learn more.


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5 months ago

If I buy the grass I will have to figure out how to bring my riding lawnmower along on our RV trips.

5 months ago

Looks like friz does not have a dog.

5 months ago

Pretty close to the stupidest thing I have seen.

David Hoffman
1 year ago

This might be something I will have to try. My pup is always upset when she can’t find any real grass when its time to go. She will spot a bit of green a 100 yards away and make a beeline right to it. None of that plastic stuff will do.

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