Beautiful mannequin woman: Does she exist?


By Chuck Woodbury
I came upon this mannequin at the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. I have taken photos of mannequins for a couple of decades, in many countries. Germany has excellent mannequins. Mostly I take photos of female versions. There are more of them, and the males aren’t usually as interesting, at least to me.

What I always wonder is if someone models for mannequins? For example, the one I have posted here on the left — does she exist in real life?

I fully admit that I am attracted to a beautiful woman. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course. I have always been attracted to women by their appearance but often even more so by their non-physical qualities. Some people just radiate a certain something that cannot be explained.

Sometimes mannequins are not only for displaying clothing. For example, the one on the right is incorporated into a mid-20th century slot machine. I was told it’s Marilyn Monroe. I found the machine at a small casino in Virginia City, Nevada, at least 30 years ago. The slot machine and mechanical ones like it are gone now, replaced by boring digital versions.

If you know a lot about mannequins, or if you have ever worked in a place where mannequins were produced, would you please leave a comment? Or if you just so happen to know who modeled for this mannequin (if there was, indeed, someone), that would be great!

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